Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
October 2008
Volume 8 Number 10

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Grandmother Speaks...
Stains on your Soul
by Robina Hearle

Stains on your Soul
by Robina Hearle


Guess what? We all have stains on our souls. “Out, damn’d spot!”

the Art of Sarah SolieStains on our souls occur every time we speak or think negatively about another person, place or country.

When we think or speak with emotion, the stains are deeper, always causing harm to those at whom the emotion is directed.

We cause energetic wounds to people if we are angry and have malevolent intent when we verbally attack, whether face to face or behind someone’s back. The result is an energetic stab wound that can be present in our etheric body from lifetime to lifetime. We can often feel when we have been stabbed in the back.

The result of a particularly malevolent attack is that the stab causes shock, and can, if vehement enough, cause a miasm (a special energy phenomena lying at the core of some health problems) to trigger or one to enter the subtle bodies. Miasm involvement occurs when you are in a state of imbalance like shock.

Collective negative thinking, speaking or acting affects the planet at a subtle level. A layer of grey negative energy surrounds the earth because of this collective negativity.

The cosmic law of cause and effects says that for every action there is a reaction, hence Karma comes into play at a personal or planetary level. You cannot get away from the cause and effect of your actions; the effects may be in this lifetime or future lifetimes.

There is good news however. We have choice. We can choose to heal the energetic stab wounds on ourselves through the use of Vibration essences. We also have the choice to heal the wounds we have inflicted on others using intent and sending healing energy.

This level of healing and responsibility for our actions usually occurs after we die on the astral plane. However, because of the rising consciousness of people on the planet at this time, the choice is highlighted to you now. Many of you are travelling the path of spiritual and personal growth, the continual journey of cleansing and healing.

So what next? Look at your day-to-day life and see who you have issues with. It is likely that some negative energetic exchanges have taken place, or it may be one-sided. Decide if you need to continue this line of thinking about this person.

Be honest here: is the problem reflecting your own emotional baggage and issues? If so, then say thank-you to the person for the gift of mirroring this issue, highlighting a problem of yours that needs attention. Forgive that person; send them healing light with the intent to heal any energetic wounds that you may be responsible for.

It is advisable to clear your issues with others as quickly as possible so they do not fester and grow. This sort of festering sore often occurs in families and can result in long lasting karmic damage. It can also happen between partners (marriage and business) and short and long term friendships. Are your enemies really your enemies? Or, when you are being honest, is it a case of issues unresolved and poor communication? Bless your enemies.

When you sit and think you may realise you have issues or had altercations with people that has caused energetic wounds from primary school, secondary school, college, work, community and family. Join the club. We all have such issues. Do not cry over spilt milk or feel guilt or shame; take responsibility and heal them. You can clean the stains off your soul.

If you have the compulsion to always talk about others, ask yourself why. Is it a habit or an issue? Be aware of your thoughts; try to be positive rather than negative. This becomes easier as you heal your own emotional baggage. (Looking at inner child fears and past life can be very helpful in this journey.)

Every cloud has a silver lining. You can clean up the stains on your soul and create great healing for yourself, others and the planet. You also diminish your own karma and spiritually advance at the same time. The choice, as always, is yours.

2008 © Robina Hearle



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