Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
September 2008
Volume 8 Number 9
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What's Inside Wise Woman Herbal Ezine this Month...


Wisdom Keeper...
by JoAnne Dodgson


by JoAnne Dodgson
mentor at the Wise Woman School

author of Unleashing Love, MoonDance Journal, Walking the Spiral Path, Gifts of the Grandmother, and Cocooning

The coolness of fall settled into the rocky mountain ridge, the sunset glowing in the vast western skies. Hearing footsteps lightly crunching the leaves and twigs in the woods, I looked over to see a flock of Wild Turkeys. Led by a gray-headed elder, the sixteen birds paraded slowly by, walking peacefully in line, their heads bobbing in rhythm with their steps. the Art of Wen HsuAs the Turkeys passed by, the skin beneath their beaks lit up a brilliant glowing red in the backlighting of the setting sun.

The Wild Turkeys continued on their way down into the canyon. At moments in their travels the whole flock bobbed their heads in perfect unison, a majestic feathered line moving gracefully along in synchronized rhythm.

The Turkeys stopped to peck here and there, searching for delicious treats among the sagebrush and dried grasses. Cooing to one another, the Turkeys were instinctually connected, moving about freely while staying in close proximity as a flock.

Once they reached the rocky depths of the canyon, the Wild Turkeys took flight one by one and landed high in the towering pines. Gentle echoing calls and the rustlings of winged landings in the trees filled the evening air with the nourishing comfort of finding safe haven for the night.

The Wild Turkeys--in spirit--have apparently crossed state lines and followed me all the way back home. I've been feeling them walking about in my world, poking around here and there, inviting me to take a look through their eyes. They've been wondering--and they've gotten me to wondering too--if we humans have forgotten all the mystery and magic inherent in the sacred geometry of lines.

The Wild Turkeys are puzzled by the countless ways we line ourselves up--in traffic lanes, coffee shops and grocery stores--only to fill the space with stress and discontent. “All that fussing and fuming and finding somebody to blame for not moving fast enough,” they said. “You've lost your rhythm.” The Wild Turkeys bobbed their heads in unison.

“Every moment is a community event,” they softly cooed. “Every step you take has rippling waves of effects.” The Wild Turkeys pecked at the ground, gathering up tasty morsels to eat. “Each line you form sets the ground for what will come next.” The turkeys looked at me intently, blinking their golden brown eyes. “You've forgotten you're part of the dance.”

The Wild Turkeys' walk-about in the world populated by people often left them perplexed. “Where's the flock?” they asked me, looking around, noticing our loneliness and isolation. “Everybody's so tired. What are you eating? Have you forgotten when and where and how to sleep?”

Ruffling their broad wings and fanning their elaborate tail feathers, the Wild Turkeys perched in the trees and watched over for awhile. “Your voices are so loud,” they quietly observed. “Yet the truths living in your hearts stay silenced.”

A grand council of gray-headed turkeys even showed up in my dreams. “Where are your elders?” they asked. “Why aren't they leading the way?”

The Wild Turkeys' questions led me searching for answers which led me to even more questions of my own:

What if we, like Wild Turkeys, lived centered in knowing that we're innately connected, that we're not alone, that we're encircled in the belonging and acceptance that come with naturally being part of a flock?

the Art of Wen HsuHow would it feel to walk about every moment instinctually aware of the intricate balance of personal, community and web-of-life well-being--and tending to all of that all at once?

Imagine diligently hunting, like the Turkeys, for true nourishments--filling our bellies, feeding our hearts, letting our spirits fly, each and every day of our lives.

What if next time we get in line we purposefully hold the intent to be present rather than impatient, to feel our rhythm rather than frustration, and to seek out the magic just waiting to be discovered right where we stand, if only we'd open our hearts and take a look?

Can you imagine the contagious outbreak of joy if we lined up at stoplights and in the grocery stores bobbing our heads, doing the Wild Turkey Dance?

And how would things change if, like the Turkeys, we allowed our throat chakras to light up with the brilliance and beauty of our authentic voice?

And what if we created nightly roosting rituals--finding comfortable places to rest and inviting those we love, wherever they are, to nestle into safe sacred space too?

Imagine a world like that of the Wild Turkeys in which elders stepped forward, were honored for their wisdoms and trusted for their knowing of the way.

And what if we called in the Spirits of Wild Turkeys to join us in our day-to-day walk-abouts in our world?

Have some fun and give it a try. I'd love to hear what happens.

Copyright © 2007 by JoAnne Dodgson


JoAnne Dodgson, Ed.D. is a healer, teacher and medicine storyteller in ancient Peruvian medicine ways, Ka Ta See. 

She has a doctorate in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience offering counseling, ceremonial gatherings, holistic healing and workshops.  JoAnne lives in the enchanted desert mesas of New Mexico.

JoAnne's writings include medicine stories and five books: Unleashing Love, MoonDance Journal, Walking the Spiral Path, Gifts of the Grandmother, and Cocooning.

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