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February 2008
Volume 8 Number 2
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Shaking Down the Seeds
by JoAnne Dodgson

Shaking Down the Seeds
by JoAnne Dodgson

author of Unleashing Love, MoonDance Journal, Walking the Spiral Path, Gifts of the Grandmother, and Cocooning.


Wintertime has settled into the red rock mesas of northern New Mexico. The blue skies have quieted since the geese and sandhill cranes have passed by, boisterously celebrating their instinctual journeys to lands farther south. The Art of Kathy Crabbe I rarely cross paths these days with coyotes and jackrabbits. There's a hush among the lavender since the hum of bumblebees has grown silent. The yucca and prickly pear cactus simply hold their ground, no new fruits or pods or blossoms, no visible signs of growth since the frosts.

The quieting on the land and shortened hours of daylight have brought my winter homing instincts into full bloom – to be home by dark; to nestle in and embrace the quiet; to focus attention inwardly, like the trees, toward the core of my being and my roots. Jasmine, our beloved canine friend, blends her wild romps on the land with long winter naps, breathing in the earth and soaking up the sun.

The songbirds enchant the season with an ingenious feasting dance. Bouncing around on golden tufts of dried flowers, the petite winged ones jostle the delicate stalks and blossoms until the ground is peppered with tiny morsels. Hopping down to the sandy soil, the birds chirp with delight while gathering up the delectable seeds one by one.

Nourishment rains on the earth when songbirds shake down the seeds. A universe of potentials and vast volumes of information are held inside the body of each tiny seed. There within lies a living matrix of what is and what has been joined by innate, empowered knowing of when and how and what and who may be. The seeds taken in by the birds and those left resting on the earth nourish life with the sacred promise of generations to come.

Dreams awaken inside the winter stillness. Our inward journeys are our pathways home. When we discover and befriend who we really are, we fill up our inner space with our own unique and beautiful essence. That's what runs through our veins. That's who we feel in our bones. It's in the claiming of our freedom and passions that we remember our dreams. We understand what we've come here to do. And so with the very fabric of our being, we naturally weave the colorful tapestry of our lives. It's a creative, organic unfolding. All things manufactured and synthetic get set aside.

The winter ways of the canines reveal the extraordinary that exists in the ordinary moments of life. Like taking a nap. Breathing in the earth and soaking up the sun intimately connects us with immense celestial beings, with our planet and our star and the healing medicines they freely share, with the remarkable knowledge they've gathered through the passages of space and time. It's all there in the soil and the sunbeams. Jasmine readily breaths it in and soaks it all up – an openhearted welcoming of the gifts being shared and a joyous giving back with gratitude and love and unshakable knowing of her connection with all that's here and beyond. The lushness of the sharing between the canine, earth and sun has gotten me to wondering what it'd be like to so generously give and so warmly receive the diverse and extraordinary gifts of life ~ in all the ordinary everyday moments, with each and every breath that I take.

Winter offers initiations into new cycles, a readying for the awakenings to come. In this potent time on the earth so pregnant with change, I feel the whisperings as I walk about the land: Nestle in the stillness. Breath in the earth. Soak up the sun. Shake down the seeds. There's a vibrant hum in this spirited dance with the sun and earth and her seasons, with the four-leggeds, the plant nations and the winged ones. Nestle in the stillness. Breath in the earth. Soak up the sun. Shake down the seeds.

If we seek it, we will find it for it too is seeking us ~ this spiraling dance of life we're inherently a part of. The vibration of the ancient rhythms will be carried up along our roots. We'll feel the hum and soon find ourselves humming along, sharing our voice, finding our rhythm, dancing on rich fertile ground. Nestling in the stillness. Breathing in the earth. Soaking up the sun. Shaking down the seeds.

Nestling in the stillness.
Breathing in the earth.
Soaking up the sun.
Shaking down the seeds.

Nestling in the stillness.
Breathing in the earth.
Soaking up the sun.
Shaking down the seeds.

Copyright 2008 © JoAnne Dodgson

Stories by JoAnne Dodgson


JoAnne Dodgson, Ed.D. is a healer, teacher and medicine storyteller in ancient Peruvian medicine ways, Ka Ta See. 

She has a doctorate in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience offering counseling, ceremonial gatherings, holistic healing and workshops.  JoAnne lives in the enchanted desert mesas of New Mexico.


JoAnne's writings include medicine stories and five books: Unleashing Love, MoonDance Journal, Walking the Spiral Path, Gifts of the Grandmother, and Cocooning.


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