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Testimonial Letters for Susun Weed's New Book:

NEW Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way

Dear friends and Sisters:

This book NEW Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way was sent to me by my dear friend Susun Weed. I feel it is every woman's rights to understand the changes in her body and to be able to take care of herself in a natural way. I passed this book (on loan of course) to my daughters so that they will not have to live in the dark ages of blindly listening to (Modern Medicine) which still treats Menopausal years as a "not talked about" time in your lives.

Do not let this time of change in your life rob you or take away your rights to enjoy and fully celebrate the most powerful part of your living. I ask you to get this book and read it cover to cover and then read it again. The place to keep it is right by your side - it is full of answers to all the questions that are not addressed in the Dr. office.

As a mother of five daughters, I feel it is vital that you share this information with your daughters and read it yourself. Even if you have passed this time it still holds many valuable tools that we can still use to enjoy our years of living and sharing as Grandmothers and Mothers. Remember they still keep comming home to ask their Moms and Grandmothers. Learn for yourselves the healing ways of the herbals.

Thank you Susun for this book, you have done more for women in this sharing than you may ever know.

Love and Blessings to all, Waynonaha

The new version of your book is great. I'm going to have to chain it to my bookcase to keep folks from walking off with it! (I've taken to buying multiples of your books and labelling one "lending copy" so I don't lose my highlighted and personalized copies!!)

Blessings! Sweet Susun,


Dear Susun,
I love your books. "Grandmother Growth" has walked as menopause
has gone through me (it isn't I who go through it) -- and I thank you
very much for authoring these books.

Dear Susun,
I would like to thank you for the blessing of your books. For the past 18 years I have turned to you for guidance and wisdom. Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years carried me through five pregnancies, four home births ( two unattended homebirths), and child care . You have never failed me. When my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer we devoured Breast Cancer Breast Health, which is my least favorite book to have to give someone, but it has been a blessing to many of my friends. Healing Wise is one of my favorite reads. Every time I pick it up there is something (someone) new speaking to me. Now as I begin menopause, I have turned to you again through Wise Woman Herbal for the Menopausal Years and received relief, perspective and wisdom. Thank you for walking this journey with me. You've been there through it all the fears, joys and sorrows.
Blessed Be,

Dear Susun and Justine,

Your menopause book has been absolutely a rock for me the past year- every suggestion you gave to problems that have come up has worked.



She wouldn't know it, but I give your mom credit for me not having to
have a hysterectomy. I take a combination of herbs each day which I
fomulated from a mixture she recommended. It is her healing words of
wis(e-woman)dom which guide me on my journey thru perimenopause and
some day into Cronehood.

In Light and Love,


Have had all your books and now my eldest daughter is using them for herself and family.


I'm writing to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work. I had been wanting to understand herbs for many years and your books were the first ones that made sense to me...


Dear Susun:

I have your books and they're wonderful. They've helped me to modify my outlook and how I see medicine in general. They have improved me and given me a degree of confidence where there was almost none in that they have made me glad to be a woman.

Thank you so kindly for the wonderful work you do. Blessings.


Hi Susun,

You don't know me but I have known of you for many years.I have four children and your Herbal for the Childbearing Year was my great info source. I had it for the first two and had memorized it for the last two. I bought and gave away mucho copies to my childbearing friends. I have great respect for
you and feel blessed I received an email from you, even though you may not know what you have done!

Next will be the Menopause book, which I already have. Thank you for all your help over these years, and even though I have not met you, I feel you have been speaking to me for many years. Thank you again and may this find you in good spirits and fine health.


Thank you so much for your time. I've never been into herbs, even in rituals etc, but your book has opened my eyes. So many people 'talk' about herbs but I like how you want people to 'know' them on an intimate level. Keep writing!


Dear Justine and Susun,

Thank you for all of the powerful and wise ways that you assist women. I have reccomended and utilized your book on menopause for years. Thank you again for the many wonderful ways you contribute to so many people.

Terry Anne

I got involved with your book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year in 1985, when I was pregnant with my daughter. I shared your book and its knowledge with at least a hundred couples who came to me for childbirth classes and invited me to their births. I took your advice, used my intuition and asked them to search for theirs, and helped several women avoid surgeries.

Now i share your Menopausal years with friends and read it as I feel my changes coming. You've been there for me and thousands of others through these wondrous cycles. Congratulations for all your accomplishments. You rock!!


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