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Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up,
It knows it must run faster than the fastest of lion
or it will be killed

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Every morning a lion wakes up,
It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or gazelle
When the sun comes up you better start running.

This African ancient proverb gives an idea of an iota of nature of competition you are witnessing in this age of information. Such state of competition has cumulative effect on your being and on kind of relationship you share with people at domestic and professional fronts. You are in a battle field where there are no guarantees. You are responsible for your own choices you have made. Every choice you make has its pros and cons.

There is nothing called as perfect choice and at large, perfect world. As the famous saying goes ‘If the world were so organized that everything had to be fair no living creature could survive for a day. The birds would be forbidden to eat worms and everyone’s self interest would have to be served.’ You are conditioned to look or vie for a perfect world around yourself and when it doesn’t appear around yourself after umpteen attempts than you become subject to depression, rage, frustration and anxiety and feel your mind is tired.

In order to combat that fatigue you shift to instant ‘feel good’ things like cigarettes and liquor. And you also gather all feel good products like TV, Cars, music and even gym to combat stress. But its result is ephemeral. The key to attain everlasting happiness isn’t there outside. If you analyze the cause of overwhelming stress than you will play blame game shifting guns on people and situation.

Halt! Here and now!

Close your eyes with your spinal cord straight in meditative posture and brood upon this saying ‘without you do anything grass will grow, flowers will blossom and spring will come’. Closing eyes if first step to put an end to war inside and second step is to devise a control mechanism or technique in order to be pure in thoughts and action. Alike popular saying that many religions are path leading to one god i.e. ultimate truth.

Likewise there many spiritual techniques when adopted and practiced help to cultivate peace within and in fewer cases realization of truth. If science as a rational approach fails, in most of cases people adopt spiritual approach to over come physical and mental diseases. Following are some techniques that will help you and will cultivate peace within to an extent that outside world chaos wouldn’t effect your mind.


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Amitabh Dixit, Freelance journalist whom has contributed to some
15 publications in span of 10 years India and abroad.
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