Green Goddess Apprentice Week Susun Weed Wise Woman Center Woodstock NY

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Green Goddess Apprentice Week
with Susun Weed, White Feather, & Yvette Lewis

For women aged 14 - 84

August 15 - August 21, 2016

Class size limited

A one-week apprenticeship for aspiring shamanic herbalists. My shortest apprentice opportunity. It is deep, intense, uncomfortable, and life-changing.  

This is a serious apprenticeship, not a workshop or a retreat. The pace is powerful and relentlessIt is designed to awaken and give you tools to process your "demons," that is, your own broken pieces. (also read, "Why is Susun Angry?"). There are at least eight hours of instruction a day, plus projects and assignments to complete on your own outside of class time, and special evening activities.

We take your commitment to participate very seriously and hope that you do too. Therefore, there are no refunds of any kind, for any reason before, during, or after your time here.
Trip insurance is usually inexpensive and purchasing it makes some women feel safer.

"I learned more from spending one day with Susun than I have in months of study with others."

During your week-long Green Goddess Apprenticeship you will:

* Learn how to identify plants (and get a Field Guide and a magnifying glass of your own to keep)

* Learn how to use common plants for food and medicine (and get a set of herbal books to keep)

* Learn how to make and use nourishing herbal infusions

* Learn about botany, plant families, genera, and species

* Connect deeply with your special green ally

* Make herbal remedies hands-on

* Go for weed walks with Susun and the goats

* Take part in our daily talking stick ceremony

* Participate in a moon lodge (and receive your choice of a related book)

* Create a Goddess Pageant

* Enjoy a magical ceremony with optional initiation as a Green Witch


Your Green Goddess Apprentice week begins at noon on Monday and ends around 4pm on Sunday. The weekend before is a work-exchange weekend. You are invited to join us for it. (There is a small extra fee to cover your room and board for the extra days/night.)

The Green Goddess Apprentice Week includes exceptional meals (dinner Monday through lunch Sunday) and primitive lodging (your own tent or our dorm), plus instruction with three teachers, textbooks, and art supplies. Textbooks include Field Guide to Wildflowers (Peterson), Healing Wise (Susun Weed), City Herbal (Silverman), The Herb Book (Lust), Witches, Midwives, Nurses (Erenreich) and MoonDays (Premo-Steele) or Releasing Spirit Life (Maia).

"Five years of weekly therapy didn't ever touch, or heal, my pain; one week here and I have found my bliss!"

Schedule: Your days begin with the Seven Directions Movement Meditation and Wolf Clan teachings with White Feather. Then breakfast. Afterwards, the goats come out to play while we explore green blessings with Susun in the fields and forests of Laughing Rock Farm. You will gather wild herbs for salad, help get lunch out, eat lunch, sing, and participate in a talking stick ceremony. Then Yvette will open the doors of color and energy and help you create your very own medicine shield. Breathe. Afterwards, you will help pick another wild salad, help get dinner out, eat, help wash up the pots and pans, and jump into the evening. (Schedule below.) And, those wishing to defray some of the cost of the program and those wanting to learn as much as possible will meet me in the kitchen for late night cooking, infusion making, and lots more learning. Repeat, with variations.

Monday is a day with Susun. You will settle in, receive your green ally, goddess, and plant family assignments, and become familiar with where things are and how we do things. After dinner (your first meal here) enjoy a video night with The Goddess Remembered and The Burning Times (and popcorn, of course).

Tuesday night is blog-talk radio (herbal consultations with Susun) and her Green Magic radio show.

Wednesday (before dinner) we do an hour and a half of yoga with Susun.

Thursday is a night-long heart-beat drum.

Friday night is the moon-lodge, an experience of women in circle that will open your heart wide.

Saturday finds us enjoying our Goddess Pageant and blessing our medicine shields.

Sunday we conclude our time together with a lavish high magic ceremony and a late lunch.

Throughout our time together, we will work together to take care of ourselves. Apprentices are not coddled or mothered or exempt from the work we are doing.

To Apply for this shamanic herbal apprenticeship, send me a letter and/or graphic telling me of your vision as my apprentice. Include your name, address, phone number, age, and $100 non-refundable application fee. When I receive it, I will call you for a half hour phone interview. I remind you now, and will again by phone, that I am a fierce teacher who yells and accepts no excuses. I will probably make you cry. I might make you angry or frightened. This is all part of your apprenticeship. Be specific in your goals and we will help you meet them.

I accept only eleven Green Goddess Apprentices. Please apply as early as possible.

Cost of this entire week with three exceptional teachers, books, supplies, meals, and lodging is $1300 (plus the $100 application fee). You may offset these costs by working with us in the kitchen and barn while you are here. Please pay by credit card at or by paypal or through the mail to PO Box 64 with a money order. (No checks.)

All Green Goddess Apprentice fees must be paid in full by July 1, 2016.

There are no refunds offered for any reason whatsoever once you have paid. If you are concerned that something may interfere, do consider trip insurance.

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

  "In 2008 I attended the Green Goddess Apprentice Week. The whole week really shook me, spoke to me, scared the shit out of me, but all in all I came away with a deeper understanding of my potentials as a woman by witnessing you as a model, Susun. I returned to working with women in a domestic violence shelter, only to notice how much more supportive and able I was to inspire them to imagine a different reality for themselves. It was beautiful and extremely humbling. I realized how much I had internalized patriarchal assumption about the feminine. Spending a week with you switched my paradigm and allowed me to see a more holistic and integral way of being that influenced my personal life and professional work and I thank you immensely.
"Three years later, I continue to reap the benefits of that week. I am feeling way more confident in myself and in my strength and in my gifts and in my ability to be a positive role model for my daughter and other women. I am allowing myself to know who I am as a woman."

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