Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
August 2006
Volume 6 Number 8
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What's Inside Wise Woman Herbal Ezine this Month...


Wisdom Keeper...
Stories of my Ancestors
by Waynonaha TwoWorlds

A Woman's Connection With The Earth
by Waynonaha TwoWorlds

Mother Earth our protector and that which nourishes our spirit and body here in this life time. I wish to give you thanks for my life and for all that is possible in this time of living.

My back pressed close against the old maple tree I feel the wind as it sways her back and forth. It is as if she is being held in a loving embrace and rocked by the wind.

Is it possible that each living thing is supported in some way by another not only in the physical growth but in the spiritual growth? This would then explain the chain of life that connects us all as one.

My back grows warm as the heat from the sun held in the bark seeps into my winter weary body.The sky is a deep dark shade of blue you find only in the masters paintings. Large fluffy clouds stand suspended as the sun peeks through them and reflects on the pools of melted snow.

The old maple stands through hundreds of such days strong and still giving. I wonder at the wisdom of such a Creator of life and the deep meaning that we must all find to walk here on this Earth.

I press my back harder to the old tree and feel her heart beat through my winter jacket. Somewhere in the upper branches, still bare of buds a woodpecker hammers for some hidden insects.This old maple tree has given home to many such small and no legged. The winged ones have found shelter in her arms and fed from her seeds.

Standing in this place for hundreds of years what has she seen and what has she felt?
Long ago she drifted to this place in her dragon fly wing encased seed. Pressed into the Earth in her dance of life, she put down her tap root and began to grow. Sweet pure water nourished her as did the rich soil from which he gained her strength.

Time passed and she grew into a delicate slender young tree. Her supple body passing time and gaining strength and girth as she grew.

As all women of aging she also gave nourishment from her body in the sweet sap that flowed from her skin. Deep in her the sap falls and rises with the seasons, each year brings the rich sweet nectar that nourishes all things. From her we gather the sap in the spring, and make rich amber syrup. We drink the fresh sap when it rises in the spring to purify and cleanse our own bodies.

It is in this ritual of purification that we women reconnect to the life giving source of our Mother the Earth.As women we are very much like the Maple tree.Perhaps this is why we place our new born children's placenta under a tree to ensure their life her on Earth Mother will be a good one.

We too when arriving here on this Earth Mother put down our tap root and place our self in the soil. As women we pull our strength up from the deep places of the Earth Mother, and share it with our children and family.Much as a child nurses at our breast, we also take nourishment from our Mother and she from her Mother. We nourish and feed many from the rich sap that never ends in its wisdom of giving. Our bodies grow in girth and in strength as we are held in the loving embrace of the Creator.

Swayed by the winds of time women have been here giving birth and strength to many so that the future generations will remain strong and pure. In the memory of renewed life in this time of spring, let us give our prayer for new beginnings and for the never ending sweetness of life.

Blessings Waynonaha
Copyright (c) 2006 by Waynonaha Two Worlds
All publication rights reserved.


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