Weed Wanderings Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed
December 2004
Volume 4 Number 12
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Herbal Adventure in Costa Rica with Susun Weed on March 4-12, 2005. Immersing ourselves in lush rainforest, rugged mountains, and long stretches of palm-fringed beaches are just some of the experiences we will have. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is just teeming with colorful flora and fauna. We will experience a wide variety of ecosystems that grace this part of our gorgeous earth. Susun Weed will lead us in this 9 day herbal adventure as she shares with us her vast knowledge of the natural world. She will teach us about green allies, plant journeying, the secret language of plants, and much more! With the help of local guides, we will learn about the medicinal uses of the plants in the area. We are very excited to have you join us on this unforgettable journey through Costa Rica. Please contact Sherri Brown at (541) 683-5403 or sherrimelissa@yahoo.com for further information.

Bones for Life logohttp://www.bonesforlife.com/ Bones for Life - The program for stimulating bone strength through natural movement and weight bearing posture by Ruthy Alon. Based on Dr. Feldenkrais' approach to somatic learning. Through the simple, effective movement processes of the 60-hour Bones For Life program, you will learn gradually and safely how to stimulate bone strength, coordinate a springy walk, align your posture, restore equilibrium and enhance the pleasure of moving.


World Peace Emerging banner
http://www.worldpeaceemerging.com/ World Peace Emerging is an online resource directory showcasing the thousands of projects worldwide sharing the vision of a common good. We believe that taking positive action is the fastest way to make the dream become reality. By Telling the Stories, we strive to spread the word, get more people enrolled, and to network people, ideas and resources, ever to support the growth of this movement. Please explore our website and the true stories of people who are boldly making change in their own backyard and yours!

Midwifery Today bannerhttp://www.midwiferytoday.com/ Do you care about birth? Attend a Midwifery Today conference. You'll learn how to strengthen your resolve to serve pregnant and birthing women in the best ways possible. The conference classes are informative, inspiring, interactive, and engaging; and perhaps best of all, they empower you in your work as a birth practitioner. Subscribe to Midwifery Today magazine. Learn from articles and birth stories written by midwives and other birth professionals from around the world. Visit our Web site. Read free articles, participate in the forums and subscribe to a free e-mail newsletter.


photo: Stephanie Lewis Robertson arthttp://www.stephanielewisrobertson.com/ Stephanie Lewis Robertson – Fabric Artist. Specializing in custom dyed and printed fabrics which celebrate and honor the spiritual journey. Dancing, cascading figures appear, and disappear, and then reappear in my vision. Patterns and color, layer upon layer. These layers of information remind me of the stations and passages in my life, where all of the present is built upon the past. My work is about being a woman: the need to nurture, beauty, power, intuition, gentleness, sorrow, anger... The fabric is direct-dyed and printed with pattern and color. Machine quilting adds an additional texture and pattern.


Crossroads Lyceum: Fellowship of Isis banner
http://www.crlyceum.com/ Crossroads Lyceum/ Fellowship of Isis. The Crossroads Lyceum is a modern-day mystery school within the Fellowship of Isis. The FOI is a world-wide multi-religious organization. We offer a wide range of home study courses in various spiritual topics and also provide Priestess training in the FOI. Our Lyceum honors all pantheons, traditions and Goddesses equally.



Traditions Magazine bannerhttp://www.traditionsmagazine.com/ An independent magazine focusing on folklore, cultural traditions, and the occult. Our articles feature such topics as archaeology, cosmology, customs, folklore, hagiography, herbalism, history, magic, mythology, and superstitions. Our mission is to provide innovative and well-researched information to our readers. We offer an opportunity to explore folk traditions using both scholarship and experience.


http://www.thegoddessnetwork.net/ The Goddess Network is a resource for helping women achieve balance by bringing the Divine Feminine Spirit into their personal and organizational lives through books, live events, discussion groups, and an online presence. Our message is one of female empowerment and positive thinking.
photo: Charlene M. Proctor


photo: Jay North and dog

The entire planet is becoming aware of Organic Growing Practices in record numbers. Organic farming is actually easier and less expensive than using chemical methods, when done correctly. It is also healthier for your family, your buyers and planet earth. Meet Jay North...able and willing to travel anywhere in the world to do design and planning, irrigation installation, planting, commercial organic farming consultations, organic produce marketing consultation, and home garden installations.
Or order today, one of his books... Guide to Cooking with Edible Flowers, Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit, The Windowsill Organic Gardener: organic gardening for the urban grower, Grow Yourself Rich or all four books by Jay North. Great stocking stuffers!


sunhome image: Marina Petro logohttp://www.marinapetro.com/ Marina Petro-gifted visionary artist and psychic. Gallery featuring healing art, original paintings and prints. Intuition tutorials and intuitive consultations. "I am a self taught artist, psychic consultant and teach intuition training seminars. My paintings range from visionary and cosmic landscapes, to angels, realistic florals, traditional landscapes, still life and abstract. Most works are created from my imagination, painted spontaneously from my inner world. Still life, floral and more realistic landscapes are usually painted from life. My website and online gallery, a visual and inspirational treat, features original oil paintings, fine art prints, cards, free e-cards and intuition tutorials and consultations. In my intuitive counseling work, I help clients restore harmony to their lives by providing clear and useful intuitive information and insight."


New Horizon by Madeleine Tuttlehttp://www.willtuttle.com/ features the vibrant visionary watercolor paintings of Swiss-born artist Madeleine Tuttle, both as originals and as artcard sets; also her original tatting designs."My mission is to spread beauty around the globe and to touch people's hearts and help them rediscover their innate joy. I love life and the earth with all her inhabitants of every species. Watercolor is my favorite medium to express the light within all the shades of color. My inspiration comes from inner silence, from the endless play of nature, and not least from Will, my husband, who is a fabulous pianist, and our life together. I feel fortunate to be a greenhorn crone and to be able to contribute to the healing of our world! Our website includes about a dozen of my original paintings, as well as the set of 8 original artcards, and also examples of my original tatting designs, as well as Will's original uplifting piano music and the individualized music and art portraits that we do for individuals and couples."


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