Weed Wanderings Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed
December 2004
Volume 4 Number 12
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Wise Woman Wisdom ...
Blessings of the Season

by Waynonaha Two Worlds

Boxes filled with Blessings of the Season.

Sometimes I wonder what God Creator s thinking about with all this war and violence. I see so much poverty in the world as I travel,  it is every where. There is no need for poverty in a world that could and should produce enough food to feed millions more than are here.

Food and money are power and control  many who are in need. The women and men in third world countries will kneel down and beg for a crust of bread to feed their families. It happens in this land of the free and the place where no one should have to do without.

The power junkies hold the bread high to make the begging harder, it fills their evil and empty souls to see the spirit so beaten. I will never beg for myself but am not afraid, or too proud to ask for the children and the elders. 

Visit Madeleine Tuttle online at http://www.willtuttle.com/Again this year we will gather toys and warm clothing  for the Native American Indian children.  We enjoy getting them a few toys and warm coats and mittens. In fact Lynn and I put aside small toys all year that we get from the dollar store. This is our joy and we have a lot of fun choosing them and wrapping them up for the children. I am constantly looking for bargains in the spring for the next winter.   

Lynn and I live on  little but if we can manage something then those who have far more can also help. It is not much  for a person to go out and buy a coat for a little child or a pair of warm gloves and a small present. The average person probably spends more than that on a take out meal or a night at the movies.

Many will tell me that they just cannot help me this year,  when I ask them for help. They say oh maybe next year they can help if they are told sooner. Hay you know that the giving season comes each year at the same time. (Surprise!!!)

Most people probably throw out each week more food than a family could live on in one day. I am appalled by the people who profess to be humanitarians and then walk by a person who is starving and cold or just needs some kind words.  If a donation is give there is usually the judgment handed down to the ones who cannot better themselves or need help. How would this make you feel if that were you?

I know I may never have much but my mother and father never did turn their backs on those in need. I see the value of our spiritual   lives not as the outside appearance, but as our inner beauty.  The glitz and glamour of our house or our cars that we drive, not even our physical appearance or the expensive name brand cloths, can not make us a truthful person in how we live our lives.  

I am glad I choose to not be selfish; the joy of helping others is my reward and my service to God Creator. this happens every day of the week. 

Once when I was ask where my church was I said it is here where I stand now or where ever I am. I can pray every where not just in one building in one way or on one day of the week. This is truly a good way to live and a free way to worship and serve God our Creator.

I grew up knowing that we are never alone, and that we are always protected by a higher power that loves us beyond all measures.

This I know, and this I can hold in my heart when all others are turning their backs on me, or criticizing me for my beliefs. I wonder if they every will know the love that surrounds us,  or the joy of a child face as they put on a pretty warm coat and hold a small toy in their hands. That is what I think Creator looks at when we are being called to help others. 

If you are touched by this then help me in getting the children some warm cloths and a small toy. Remember the true meaning of Christmas and open your hearts you never know what this will bring to you in spiritual joy.

Love and blessing of the season, Waynonaha and Lynn

Visit Madeleine Tuttle online at http://www.willtuttle.com/









The Drama Cycle Of The Holidays
Copyright © 2004 by Waynonaha Two Worlds
All publication rights reserved.

Life is like a wash you have wash and spin cycles and then there are the additives. I see this season as one that seems to bring out the worst in a family and also the best. There needs to be a "shout it out" for family drama at this time of the year.

Every family has one or two "Drama Queens" be they mothers or sisters or friend there they are ready to create the spin cycle that emotionally drive us wild.

I see this as the "classic victim" roll and sometime the "guilt tripping" mother or goddess forbid the dreaded manipulating mother in law. 

I was in the strong hold of a manipulative Norwegian mother in law for over 20 years. It always accelerated at this time of the year, when everything had to revolve and spin around her culture and religion.

She usually managed at some time during the festivities to break out in tears over some small slight that she would claim I had done to her. This usually brought the whole holidays to a screeching halt and dampened the high spirits of the children.

For years I cooked and made dozens of complicated cookies for a one night coffee where fifty people came, ate and left. I was exhausted every Christmas Eve and still had to face the next day with my own children. There were five children when she was in control this meant dressing them up and taking them out to church in the cold and snow. No one can understand the stress when trying to keep kids quiet in church until they have had cleat marks from paten leather shoes dug into there legs. I look back on this and wonder where I found the energy to deal with it all and still remain civil. There was this underlying need to scream or should I say shout it out. 

My husband even after his mother died demanded the Christmas Eve thing so we still held that. but the crowds got smaller. The older Norwegians died off and the younger ones did not really care about all that.

You know diets and such put a damper on rich cookies and food, so that too passed in time. We made the cookies and my daughters still do but the volume is not the same.

I constantly felt pressured to perform and do this out of pure need to please.

I to this day do not bake one cookie, or make anything unless I feel like it, or just want too do some gifting.

I am sure all of you have similar stories to share so let's hear the Grinch stuff and how you deal with it.

I celebrate Christmas now by just doing as I wish and not getting into the commercial trap or web that is so carefully woven. At times we have given small and hand made gifts that are well received and very much appreciated by my friends. This year they are getting jam, jelly, and a canned spice cake that I bake in jars and seal. I think if we do not feed the greedy commercial Christmas giant it will soon shrink and go away. 

Blessings, Waynonaha    

Copyright © 2004 by Waynonaha Two Worlds All publication rights reserved.

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