Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
January 2006
Volume 6 Number 1
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What's Inside Wise Woman Herbal Ezine this Month...


Empower Yourself...
by Michelle Royce Spiraldancer
Author of Moon Rites, A feminine path to personal power


by Michelle Royce Spiraldancer

Author of Moon Rites, A feminine path to personal power

continued from last month...
click here for part one, Women's Rites

Blood Sisters.

Blood Sisters.

Finding the best way to connect to your feminine essence is a process as individual as we all are, but for myself personally, overcoming the menstrual taboos and attitudes of my culture , reclaiming pride in and knowledge of my womanspirit and learning to integrate the magical and spiritual aspects of my feminine experience in this lifetime was a major turning point.

Historically, women have not menstruated as often as they do currently in western society. There are various reasons cited for this such as the fact that we are now better nourished, have fewer children and breastfeed less.

This is seen as a problem. New developments in the medical sphere allow a woman to reduce the amount of time she menstruates to four times a year.

This is hailed as a wonderful breakthrough- and for many women who suffer greatly with their menstrual cycle it may well be.

However in the bigger picture I feel that reducing or getting rid of menstruation won't address the issues associated with our female lunar cycle such as self respect, re-integration of the goddess or feminine divine and the attributes she symbolises into our cultural psyche, and our connection or disconnection with the natural world.

At a more individual level, in many cases a lot of the negative symptoms women have experienced during their cycle have been able to be controlled or even removed by taking an alternative approach to the 'norm'. I feel that the 'Women's Rites' of and surrounding menarche, menstruation, giving birth, breastfeeding and menopause can be opportunities for personal development and spiritual expression that we haven't really explored fully yet.

For example, I have found a great deal of satisfaction in breaking the cycle of throwing away my moonflow. To me it is just another part of my society's way of ignoring this most magical and wonderful time. It is like throwing away part of myself, the part that contains all my unfulfilled desires, untapped potential, and unclaimed power, the part which is not acknowledged by society, since it is for myself and myself alone.

Since I wrote the extract in my journal twelve years ago a 'Feeding The Tree' ritual has become a part of my life. I take pride in my ability to produce not only the blood, but to claim the visions, dreams and power that go along with it, and to create, if not new life within the womb, then within my own life and from the earth.

When I become a Crone I will still perform this ritual, since at that time my visions dreams and power will become even more my own. In her article "A Kind Of Blessing"
( see www.wildgenie.com website ) Alexandra Pope remarks that,

" A Native American saying states that at menarche a woman enters her power, through her menstruating years she practices it and at menopause she becomes it."

So although it's not for everybody, I'd like to share this particular ritual with other women as an example of what we can do within our own lives to begin to change our attitudes about our bodies and ourselves. I know of many women who do it regularly, but if you had never considered this possibility, once a year at Imbolc for example, to mark this time of new beginnings, to give something of yourself back to the earth may be appropriate.

In these days of high rise living and blood transmitted diseases it is unfortunately not always possible or advisable to return all our flow to the earth. Done responsibly however, and within the scope of our living conditions, this ritual can make a profound difference in the way we look at our moonflow, and hence our lives and ourselves.


You will need:

A bowl or cup containing some of the water from your pads or sponges (it's best to rinse one out and use it immediately, for obvious reasons. If you don't use cloth pads, you can soak a tampon in some water. ) A safe place where you can pour this fluid out (eg.Public parks are not the best choice.
A pot plant in your living room would be better. Your own garden is fantastic, especially if you are planning to live there for a while.)

Note; According to your conditions, you can add such elements as brown candles and benzoin incense (for earth) but it's not absolutely necessary, and please be aware of any use of fire outdoors.

The Ritual-

Prepare your Sacred Space according to your custom or tradition.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. (You should be menstruating at the time of this rite if possible.) See and feel a warm red light pulsing in your belly. Feel it radiate out through the rivers and oceans of your body. Feel it flow deep into the ground under your feet and return to your belly, flowing from one to another, returning from the earth to you to the earth.

Open your eyes. Try to see this pulsing, deep, red energy spiralling through your body down into the earth and back again. When you are ready, repeat:

" I am the bleeding woman.

I am made of the Earth.

The earth is manifestation, growth, sustenance, creativity.

To her dark womb all things return and are transformed.

I give my blood back to the Earth.

As you feed me, now I feed you, on my dreams, visions, hurts, and triumphs.

All these things are in my blood.

As you give to me, now I give to you, for your healing and growth, with a grateful heart.

I am the bleeding woman.

I remain in my centre.

I am proud to be part of the Earth."

Pour your offering onto the ground or whatever 'earth' you have. Watch it soak in.

Touch the earth or lie on it and allow your red spiral to move into it, grounding your energy.

If you can't or don't want to do this rite but do want to dispose of your soak water thoughtfully, a simple 'thank you' is perfectly acceptable as you pour your water onto whatever you want (I put mine in the compost heap). It is a fantastic fertiliser for almost anything but beware of using too much on pot plants as it can cause a bit of an odour if not diluted well. If you don't like this idea, see if you can give some thought to creating something relevant to your own life.

If you are a Wisewoman or Crone, that is, a post menopausal woman, you can still perform a variation of this rite. You just need to use some of your saliva in the ritual vessel mixed with water, and instead of saying 'I am the bleeding woman', say 'I am the Wisewoman' and instead of saying 'I give my blood' say 'I give of my body'.

Ritual in general fulfils many functions. One of them is that it allows us to experience. From this experience comes first hand or 'self' knowledge. Women's Rites allow us to discover our female selves, our feminine personal power, our individual and sacred connection to the Universal Womanspirit.

From this inner journey then comes self esteem, confidence, wisdom and the ability to make the kinds of choices that create a world worth living in. That's the kind of world I want for my children (and everyone else's!) Just imagine, many women performing their own rites, telling their own stories and claiming their own power to make choices that reflect our authentic needs, desires and expectations. It could do more than just make us happy- it could heal the world!

NOTE: Guidelines.

If this has inspired you to begin looking at your moontime in a different way, and perhaps to think about ways to return your blood to the earth (if you don't already!) here are a few guidelines.

While menstrual blood is a wonderful fertiliser and will not harm your garden, bear in mind if you live somewhere with a very small garden, if you have lots of pets and/or children, if you live in a place that has no garden at all but want to return some of your blood to the earth at the beach or in a public park that there are responsible ways to go about it.

I contacted various health officials with regards to this issue and they were more than happy to talk about it, particularly with reference to those who may be carrying a blood borne virus or may be at risk of contracting one. Most of the health officers I spoke to agreed that risk of infection or contamination of soil was minimal, as the viruses don't live very long in the soil and everything breaks down quite quickly and is taken up and recycled by plant life. However minimal doesn't mean non-existent, and therefore the recommendations were as follows:

Use an out of the way place to return your blood. For example, if you live in the country, you have heaps of space! Also if you have a special spot fenced off from the rest of the yard you would be safe to use it regularly.

However, if as aforementioned you don't have much space the best and safest way to return your blood is to dig a hole, pour it in, and cover it. This actually works in quite well with a rite of returning, since once the hole is filled in it's good to place your hands over it and visualise the energy moving out into the earth and up through your hands.

By Michelle Royce/Spiraldancer

Michelle Royce is the author of Moon Rites - a feminine path to personal power

Moon Rites - Michelle Royce - reclaiming your femine power
Moon Rites a feminine path to personal power
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