Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
January 2006
Volume 6 Number 1
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What's Inside Wise Woman Herbal Ezine this Month...


Dare to Be...Intuitive
Ask Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Transformational Teachings
by Sherry Healy
Author of Dare to Be Intuitive

When Sherry responds to questions, readers understand OUR BELIEF SYSTEM CREATES OUR FUTURE.

“Ask Sherry” -- Sherry Healy (sHEALy), a professional in body, mind and spirit integration, answers your questions concerning love, money, health, happiness or anything your heart desires.
Art by Sue Miller

Dear Sherry,

What is the term used to describe the ability to detect muscle pain without touching a person physically. I can look at someone and instantly know where they are sore/stiff. I can also lay my hands on them and pinpoint an exact spot that is even hidden from the person themselves-until I find it in deep tissue or underneath a shoulder blade, rib etc. Any insight you have on this gift would be of great help to me. Thank you so much for your time.

Sincerely, Caroline B

Dear Caroline,

You are using your intuition to scan energy. As you scan, you are intuiting changes in vibrations; these changes are the existence of negative momentum. Negative momentum within energy always turns to dis-ease if left spiraling.

I suggest you continue practicing your gift of reading energy, allowing your experiences to be your teacher. During certain times you will be more accurate than at other times. When you are most accurate, look within and notice what part of yourself is most present. That which is most present will be your most coveted quality.

As you seek to learn through experience, the need to name your skill will disparate. The path of instruction and terms is not yours to follow.

Your answers exist in practice, Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Dear Sherry,

I am wondering if you can do a healing for me. I have a sever illness. I have visited doctors but can not be cured. My problem is chronic diarrhea. This takes me away from church and my daily activities.

Can you help? Marlea

Dear Marlea,
Art by Sue Miller
An over burdened spirit becomes an over burdened body. Your symptoms suggest you have taken in too much. Now is the time to stop and rest. Be conscientious when living. Take better care. Know that all will be well again.

You have a desire to heal yet I suspect some part of your illness allows you to take the rest your spirit needs.

Your dis-ease by casting seclusion upon you is creating an opportunity for your spirit to escape stressful activities.

For now, relax. Practice your spiritual lessons at home. With a joyful attitude minimize your daily activities. Healing will come.

Your healing has already begun. Your body knows the way to health. Refresh, cleanse and listen. This time will pass leaving you with a new perspective. You will love more of what you do and do more of what you love.

Your body will do your healing,
Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Dear Sherry,

The most joyful experience of my day is ritual. I spend at least three hours each day meditating, visualizing, dreaming, chanting…. My husband and teenage daughter have begun to attack me on this subject. They want me to give up ritual. Should I? Will I?


Dear Olive,

Your answer lies within your beautiful name. Live. Your husband and your daughter feel excluded from your life. They feel you are spending time avoiding and running away from them. You write “the most joyful experience of my day is ritual.” Certainly then your daughter and husband feel they are not the most joyful aspects of your life. Additionally, they see your chanting and meditation as methods of escape. They don’t understand the peace of mind ritual can offer.

The answer to your dilemma is a simple one; living life can be a joyful rite. As you make love, you are in ritual. As you hug your daughter, you are in ritual. As you cook a healthy food for your family, you are in ritual. You don’t ever need to “give up” ritual. Learn to make your daily activities a joyful offering to the Universe. Incorporate your loved ones into your practices of ceremony.

You will continue your private practices yet find they require less of your time. When ritual becomes a constant experience, you will have less need for isolation. Spend only 30-60 minutes each day in isolated ceremony. Spend every other moment in living ritual.

Life is calling you,
Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Sherry Healy is the author of three self-help books, Dare to Be Intuitive, Living Your Intuitive Dreams, and Confident Child-A Tale of Affirmations. She is a nationally certified body, mind and spirit coach who offers an intuitive approach to healing the whole person. She is trained to gently guide an individual toward recovery of emotional stress, addictions and day-to-day events.


I have learned so much from Shealy/Sherry in these years and I thank her for taking me under her wing and teaching me how to apply this knowledge and to trust my intuition (inner guidance). ~ Sunshine

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