Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
June 2009
Volume 9 Number 6
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John Francis Peters ArtJohn Francis Peters Art
One beautiful summer day in 1981 on Guardian Mountain in Woodstock wandering the dirt roads of the Byrdcliffe Art Colony, I went on a walk with Susun learning about all the precious flora. Susun's deep sensitivity and awareness of Nature truly affected me. It's an honor to be featured for a second time at her website.

I believe I paint to help preserve the beauty of Nature. My creative process would not be possible without this clear, meaningful purpose. I guess you might say, this is my spiritual trip to which I am totally committed.

The images of my paintings begin in my mind. They appear as a blend of memory (beautiful places I've experienced) and imagination. After a few years, the image calls me to the point that I begin to slowly and methodically, bring the painting out onto the canvas. When the calling ceases the painting is born.

Nature is my guide and the vehicle for my creation.


http://www.earthmedicine.ca/ Judy's Organic Herbs is Canada's favorite source for organic and wildcrafted herbs and healthy products. Herbs are lovingly grown and harvested, locally and sustainably with respect for the environment. Vibrant and energetic medicines are created with love by hand and mailed to your home or office. Judy Henry, our resident health practitioner offers advice and holistic health consultations by telephone/email and in person. Guidance for acute and chronic issues including personalized protocol, custom designed formulas and follow-up. Join our Workshops or Wild Herb Walks! Learn how to use herbs to improve your health, grow herbs for your own use, create your own medicine and food or to identify plants in the gardens and in the wild.


http://groups.google.com/group/Herbal-Healing Herbs and Wise Woman Email Discussion Group. Come share with other members in this active email discussion group as we explore: Harvesting, identifying, growing, and preparing our local wild herbs; Using the Seven Medicines to help ourselves and loved ones dealing with health concerns; and Celebrating and nourishing our vibrant health! Once a member you can read through the archives, introduce yourself or sit back and listen to others talk, sharing when and if you wish. You have the option to receive emails individually, in a digest form, or view them at your leisure online. Sit down, relax, sip on some tea or nourishing herbal infusion!! We look forward to getting to know you.



http://www.tenzinchoegyal.com/ Tenzin Choegyal's voice - described as “heaven on earth” - and musical talents are uniquely beautiful as he draws on his traditional Tibetan roots to create his original and authentic musical compositions. Tenzin was born in Tibet, escaped to Nepal and was raised in exile in Dharamsala, India. As a child, Tenzin would listen to his mother singing in the nomadic style of Tibet and he attributes much of his passion for his music to her. Tenzin also raises aids through his tours for Tibetan monks in exile as well as the Tibetan Children’s Village, the school for Tibetan refugee children that he attended as a child.



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http://www.mayamoonhealingarts.com/ Maya Moon Healing Arts is a web site designed for the viewer to learn about the common dis-eases relieved by the treatments offered by Naomi. The prospective client can view a slideshow of Naomi at work. Clients can also download the intake and follow-up forms, which are filled out before a session. You can view detailed descriptions of the treatments offered. The site shares Naomi’s healing philosophy, education and training. Visit this site to learn about Maya Moon Healing Arts, Naomi Boggs a Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, Educator and Licensed Massage Therapist.



http://www.healingartforms.com/ Healing Art Forms Institute. Embracing alternative forms of healing, spiritual development, enlightenment and conscious living. We offer multiple forms of energy healing instruction, holistic healing, holistic health home study courses, and much more. Healing Art Forms is committed to sharing the Universal Principles of Life that are true to all of humanity. If you are seeking a certain type of course, energy form to learn or have for a healing session, please feel free to contact us at HealingArtForms@aol.com



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