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March 2010
Volume 10 Number 3

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Our Innocent Immortal Spirit
by Linda Jean McNabb

Our Innocent Immortal Spirit
The One problem One Solution to Life Approach
by Linda Jean McNabb

Have you ever felt like you were living the same day over and over? Have you ever felt like you were in the same dead end relationship with the same person, (except with a different name and face) over and over? Have you ever felt like you were going from one dead end job to another?If you can say yes to some or all of these questions, then you are like most people on this planet. I was also living this life, for decades. It nearly did me in. I used drugs, sex, and rock’n’roll to escape from the drudgery, pain, and bleakness of it all. Until I couldn’t anymore. Until I reached the cross-roads of, change or die.


Oh yes, I tried everything, all the formulas, all the exercises, all the recipes for success. None of them worked to give me permanent and lasting change in my life. Even if things temporarily improved outwardly, it would always fall apart, leaving me back at square one, feeling alone, angry, and hopeless.


I observed that my life-long patterns of lack, guilt, shame, and depression (many times suicidal) kept surfacing and nothing I did out in the world changed that. It felt like I’d been banging my head against a wall for twenty years. I had this vision on myself on a gigantic hamster wheel peddling away and never getting anywhere. It seemed like much effort had been made with little payoff.the Art of Christina Camphausen


At the age of forty-four and after what felt like the millionth failed attempt at a life, career and relationship, I got down on my knees and cried out to God that if there was a way to experience Heaven on Earth, I needed to know because I wasn’t willing to go on as I had. I hadn’t come here to live a mediocre life of struggle and pain. I came here to, at the very least, be happy. To simply be happy, that is all I’d ever wanted since I was a small girl.


My childhood was riddled with traumatic, life changing events. At the crux of my angst was a gang-rape at the age of thirteen, which was never reported, followed by the death of my younger brother.  I’d begun substance abuse by age twelve, which led to an adulthood of alcoholism, promiscuity, poverty, homelessness, and even a small stint into prostitution.  At age twenty-nine I was first introduced to the world of spiritual teachings through Shirley MacLaine’s movie Out on a Limb, and began the long climb out of the hole I was in.


Eventually my addictions fell away, one by-one. But still there was darkness from my past that lived and breathed inside of me.  It had been there so long, it felt normal. I really didn’t know life without that inner darkness, but hoped there was something else. I felt like I’d been fighting against it my whole life. Fortunately there was always a part of me that would never let me give-up.  


We’ve been crying out and yearning for unity our entire lives.

The only thing that will ever satisfy us is the magnificence of unity.

The night I went to bed after asking to be shown a way to Heaven on Earth at age forty-four, I went to sleep and then “awoke” into a state of total oneness. The next morning I was guided to begin writing and to move to Southern California. I didn’t want to give up everything and start over again, like I had so many times already.  I was told by my inner voice that if I did this, when I came out the other side of it, I’d never want for anything ever again. So I did.


Fast-forward to about three years ago when a book by bestselling author, Gary Renard, The Disappearance of the Universe, was placed into my hands. It spoke of a different kind of forgiveness. I also stumbled across and read his second book, Your Immortal Reality, which taught accelerated forgiveness techniques. I began practicing this different kind of forgiveness. I began to feel different.


the Art of Christina CamphausenOut of that I was inspired and guided to write a book of my life and began forgiving the past. During this process I observed that as I transformed the relationship within me, the most tumultuous relationships of my life also transformed, automatically. The darkness within me, which had been unconsciously ruling my life left. I literally felt it leave as I awakened spiritually. And this was just the beginning.


It was the daily practice of forgiveness and an understanding of the teachings behind the practice that made it work for real and permanent change in my life. And this is not the old fashioned kind of forgiveness where you say, “You are wrong, but I’ll forgive you anyhow.” That is not true forgiveness. True forgiveness teaches that we are innocent immortal spirit, and therefore can’t be damaged or destroyed. And if we are innocent immortal spirit, then so is everyone else. It also means that we are not this body. I was finally liberated from my suffering and the darkness of the past by realizing this and deciding to no longer be defined by what had happened to my body.


We cannot actually be separate from each other and God, but we can imagine we are. This world, including our bodies, is an illusion of that imagining. Forgiveness is not condoning the damaging behavior of others. We forgive for our own sake, to release us from the false thought of separation, from which we all suffer, through various forms. Forgiveness works for the big things as well as the little things. Anything that disturbs our peace in the slightest way is a symbol of the imagined separation and warrants forgiveness that is if unity and inner peace is your goal. Any degree of separation is still separation.


We spend our lives judging what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, and then act accordingly. Our peace is constantly disturbed by the belief that we are a body that has problems and needs things. True forgiveness releases us from the false thoughts of separation. We have the divided mind that thinks it is separate from everything, and we have the unified mind that knows we are all one.


It looks like we have millions of choices each moment, but really only have two, the divided mind or unified mind. When we choose to be in the divided mind we suffer endlessly. When we choose to be in the unified mind we see that because we are not bodies, we need nothing and there are no problems. When we come from this place of unity, we stabilize our well-being, we end our suffering and the needs and problems take care of tthe Art of Christina Camphausenhemselves easily and effortlessly, through wisdom.


 While it is true that in ultimate reality there is nothing to forgive because it is perfect unity, within this illusion it works to awaken us from this dream.  If the divided mind is like an onion, layers of false thoughts of separation, we will eventually undo or peel away all the layers until there is nothing standing between us and our total awareness of our perfect unity.  


And much like we awaken from a dream we have while sleeping in our beds at night, and see that we have never left the safety of our rooms, we will eventually awaken from this dream and see that we’ve never actually left the safety of unity’s perfect love. 


As we end our own suffering and awaken to what we truly are, we become living examples of truth and from that we become catalysts, changing everything in its path.  It has been nearly a decade since I’ve abused any substance other than chocolate and I’m now living a life that I previously thought was impossible. Where I once built my life on the uncertainty of the unstable sand dunes of this illusion, which easily crumbled away, I now build my life upon the solid rock of perfect peace and unified mind. I look at life and say, “This is not a problem,” and proceed from there. From that place there is no suffering, regardless of what is happening in the world. From that place I act out of wisdom, or not at all.  If I can end my own suffering and live a life I love, then so can others.


It is through the forgiveness of life’s greatest difficulties, that we are given the opportunity for our richest experiences of awareness.


There is but one problem, that we imagine we are limited beings that are separate from our source. There is but one solution, to connect with source for brief moments repeated many times until automatic; then to allow the perfect love, compassion, and wisdom of that connection to guide and direct our lives so that we can live an optimum human life. Eventually we will see that there is nothing to be undone or resolved, nothing to fix or alter, nothing to achieve or attain.


Finally we will move from the intellectual understanding of the truth to a consistent and eventual permanent experience of the truth.


To learn more about Linda and true forgiveness, to view scheduled appearances, or to book an appearance please visit her website at, www.lindamcnabb.com.  Her book, ‘One Again: A True Story of a Different Kind of Forgiveness,’ is about her incredible journey to forgiveness and is available on her website and various retailers.

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