Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
November 2009
Volume 9 Number 11
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Practical Steps to Cleanse Yourself of Unwanted Energies

by Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang

Practical Steps to Cleanse Yourself
of Unwanted Energies

by Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang

Here are a few simple steps you can take, each day, or upon each occasion when you are feeling beset by the energies of other people or events out in the world.


As I mentioned in the introduction above, hygiene is VERY important in order to stay clear & centered in our own optimal energies. For those of you who are ultra sensitive, there are several things you MUST do after being in a stressful environment. Art of Sue CocciaThe first thing to do is to wash your hands or if you are able to you are to bathe. If you are unable to bathe at the time that you are feeling overwhelmed, you may do so at the end of your day in the privacy of your home bathroom. (If you're at work, even putting your hands under running water in the bathroom, as you visualize stress leaving your body from your hands & washing down into the earth, which can cleanse & transmute the energy.)

One of the best ways to healthfully & easily clear our energy fields from unwanted influences, is to take a salt bath, or use a salt scrub in a shower. Use natural sea salt & not iodized table salt & use anywhere from ½ cup to a pound of salt in your bath. You may also use epsom salts or dead sea salts or a good land salt.

Internally, salt regulates the water balance in our bodies & can assist us in keeping our electrolytes balanced. The emotions are considered the water element within us, energetically, mythically & symbolically. Salt has the ability to flavor foods, to preserve it & to draw out liquids in cooking (which is the main way salt helps to add flavor to cooked foods).

As you probably know already, salt has the capacity to draw things out: impurities, waters & toxins. So by putting a natural salt which still has its minerals intact, into your bath, you encourage your own watery nature to let go of stored toxins. These toxins are produced through bad dietary practices and exposure to pollutants, both physical & emotional, and are the energetic residue created by arguments & anxieties, as well as by the simple act of rushing around in our busy lives.

It's good to add a bit of oil to your salt bath, even olive oil or other simple bath oil, so you do not dry your skin out too much. (If you're under 25 years of age, you don't need to worry about that unless you have dry skin). If you only have a shower, you can mix a teaspoon of oil or melted cocoa butter with a tablespoon or two of salt & then rub that onto your skin before you shower (do this messy bit in the shower itself), then turn on the water after you've covered yourself & rinse off completely. Make sure to steer clear of your eyes, genitals or open wounds of any kind.

This simple technique is AMAZINGLY effective & simple & costs very little to perform. I recommend that if you have a busy life, you do this practical step at least once a week, if not a few times a week, depending on what you are dealing with & how sensitive you are.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate & have access to the ocean, this is the original salt bath par excellence!! Take a regular dip, rinse off in fresh clear water & consider yourself lucky to have the added benefits of exposure to the negative ions the Mother's Oceans generate!

Any water is good, lakes, streams, ponds, clear & clean water, of course is best. If you cannot bathe in it because of exposure to the public or to the weather, even a ritual cleansing would suffice. Dip your hand or hands into the water (make sure it's clean!) & sprinkle it over your head, wash your hands in it, dip in & spray some around your body, giving thanks & at the same time, making it your intention to clear yourself of anger, hate, misery, stress, whatever it is that is weighing you down.


Energy Breath Exercise

When you are feeling beset by the energies of others, the environment or even yourself (!!!), make sure you continue to breathe at the moment & during your reactions.

If you can't leave your office, simply plant your feet on the floor to do this exercise. If possible go to a place in nature or where you will have ground beneath your feet in order to do the following practice.

Prana, which is Universal Life Force Energy, travels on the breath. Use this breathing exercise to expel the 'detrimental' energies you are perceiving and to fill your body and aura with clean, fresh energy which will revitalize you.

Take a deep breath through the nose, pulling all the way up from the belly or diaphragm, to the count of three. Then expel the breath through your open mouth, to the count of six. Do this at least three times or in several sets of three.

After you've done several sets of open mouth breathing, you should begin to breathe with a deep inbreath & then a slow & steady outbreath through the nose, this time with your mouth closed.

Again, make sure your outbreath is twice the length of time of the inbreath. Do this second set of breathing nice & slowly again in three sets of three breaths.

If you are prone to dizziness, make sure you perform this breathing exercise while seated and go slowly. And if you get dizzy, stop doing it!


Grounding and Centering Exercise

Get into a comfortable position. Imagine you have roots growing from the bottom of your feet, or from your root chakra, into the very depths of the earth, from which you can draw sustenance & fresh energy.

Pull that fresh energy up into your belly as you breathe in through the nose, to a count of three & as you exhale, through the nose, with mouth closed, to a count of six, send those detrimental or difficult energies from inside you down through the bottom of your feet or root chakra, back down into the center of the earth, where our dear Mother Earth will be able to transmute & transform any problem energies. Your breathing should be normal and easy. If you feel stressed while doing the breathing exercise, relax and breathe at a comfortable pace for you. Keep doing this until you begin to feel calm & equilibrated again.

Keep breathing as before. On the inbreath, visualize energy from the center of the Earth being pulled up within you, entering through your feet or root chakra. Art of Sue Coccia At the same time visualize the clean clear energies of the Heavens pouring down into your crown chakra from above, streaming down your spine.

Imagine the starry night sky or a bright blue sky, whichever gladdens your heart, and as you inhale pull the clean clearing energies from both the center of the earth & the high heavens into your heart.

Perform this exercise until your heart is full. Then repeat and see the energy from below and from above pouring into you and meeting in the “dan tien” center (or, if a woman, into your womb).

The “dan tien” center is about two finger widths below the navel and is the place where our bodies store Universal Life Force Energy. When we are healthy and strong, this storehouse is full of “chi” or “prana” or energy. When we are sick and rundown, depressed or unhappy, this storehouse of energy becomes depleted.

Feel the energies mingling in the “dan tien” center in balanced harmony, connecting you to both earth & sky energies. Perform three sets of breathing exercises. If you like, repeat this exercise until you feel a flush of warmth in your belly. This is a sign that you have replenished your storehouse of energy.

After doing this exercise, give thanks to Mother Earth, Father Sky for offering us protection & Blessings.

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