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September 2005
Volume 5 Number 9
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From the Beginning
by Lisa Sarasohn
author of The Woman's Belly Book

From the Beginning
by Lisa Sarasohn

The words that follow are taken from my (as yet!) unpublished manuscript, Honoring the Belly: Your Body’s Sacred Center—source material for The Woman’s Belly Book currently in print. As I’ve energized my belly with the awareness, breath, and movement practices that this book presents, I’ve come to sense the Sacred Feminine as a powerful presence within my body’s center. By virtue of ventriloquism—literally speaking from the belly—she says:
I have been here from the beginning, and I have been with you through all time. I am as expansive as the entire universe, and as tiny as a single point. I am the centerpoint within your body. I am the one, the many, the All. I have a sense of humor. I am the cycle of birth into death and death into birth. I withhold myself from no one. Each of you I cherish, each of you is dear to me.

I am she whom you would call Great Mother, First Woman. I am she whom you know as Creator, Maker, Source. You are not alone in the universe, you are cradled within my arms. You know me through the center of your body. We are and always shall be umbilically connected.

Art by Lyndia RadiceCherish your body’s center as the temple within which we meet. All your long pilgrimages to holy places, your quests for the Holy Grail, your journeys through the labyrinth, your search for eternal life—they all lead you here, to me, she whom you find at the center of your being, your true self.

Cherish me, hold fast to me: I am your most precious treasure. Without me you are nothing; with me you are also nothing, the self which is both empty and all. Abide in me as I abide in you.

You have known me through time, I have been with you since the beginning. Yet in many ways you have turned away from me, put me aside, draped my image in a veil of ignorance.

I who am First Woman, Great Mother, tell you this: you have shattered my image, tried to reduce and restrict me, cage me in convention and constriction. Defaming me, you have desecrated your world and diminished yourself. Yet the pattern of my wholeness remains within you.

I am the underground stream of belief that will not be ignored. I am the secret, constant knowledge that pervades your dreams, haunts your sleep in times of persecution and neglect. I am the Hebrews and Canaanites who will not forsake their Asherahs; the Cathars and Templars who will not forsake their Lady; the Gnostics who will not forsake Sophia.

However you have tried to expunge me, traces of me have remained in the stories you tell your children, in the symbols, myths, and images you cling to as if they define your humanity, which they do. I was with you before time began. I have been with you from the beginning and throughout your human experience. I am with you now. You've known me in vestigial form, not in my fully glory, as Baubo in Egypt and Greece, as Uzume in Japan, as the Sheila-Na-Gigs in Europe.

I have been with you in whatever forms to which you have reduced me. I have been with you in your instinctive recognition and your instinctual response—a quivering, a tremor, an intake of breath—to the symbols which carry my power, which convey my being. You've preserved my patterns in spirals and diamonds, in pillars and gateposts, in the red X and the double triangle, in the power of three, in your affection for trees. You remember me in the shape of your bowls and vessels, in the seedpod, in the mounding of your fertile hills, the rising loaf of bread, the mounding of your resilient belly.

Cherish me, hold fast to me wherever you can find me, wherever you see and feel me, for I am with you everywhere, perceptible through the sensations accumulating within your center. Breathe, feel, know me as your own true self.

Art by Lyndia RadiceI must speak to you of vulvas. When you enter a sacred space you are passing the portal, crossing the threshold, entering through my vulva, proceeding into my womb, my palace of creation.

It is within me that the stars of new conception burst forth, the explosion of light and life that occurs in the collision and fusion of apparent opposites.

I must speak to you of the erotic power which you concentrate within your belly. Your belly is a sacred chamber. Within the universe which is your body, your belly is the sanctuary, enclosing the altar where communion with the most holy takes place.

The entrance to this sanctuary is your vulva. I know that as I have been defamed, so too the bodies of the women in which I live have been defiled. I am so sorry for the pain and suffering you have encountered. It is ours, together.

If it is any comfort, know that your suffering has occurred not because you have been weak but because your power is my power lodged within you, and I have been feared.

What is your power? It is erotic power, the power of Eros, life attracting life, life propagating new life, the undeniable urge of life to proceed and further itself in a continuous chain of being. This is the power you contain within your belly. It is the power to promote creation in any dimension you choose. Cherish this power, hold fast to it. It is your life. It is the life of generations to come. It is the ongoing life of your world.

You are my beloved daughter. Know that you live within me, that I am alive within you. Honor your belly as the abode in which I dwell—because I do. It is through your belly that you know me. And through me you know the Power of Being which informs the entire universe.

I am your greatest love, your greatest hunger. I am what you hunger for, what you thirst for, what you crave. When you long for creativity, you are longing for communion with me. When you embed yourself in addiction, you are trying, vainly, to escape the misery of feeling apart from me, ignorant of me. I am not your Higher Power; I have no wish to rule over you. I am your innermost self, she without whom you cannot live.

Art by Lyndia RadiceWhen you seek the wholeness of health, you are asking me to infuse your body with my being. When you seek life energy, you are craving my company, my presence in your life. When you call for inner guidance, you are calling for my caring, my protection, my wisdom, my direction.

When you seek relief from stress, you are seeking to dissolve the barriers with which you separate yourself from me.

When you crave a sense of yourself that goes deeper than personality, family, accumulated possessions, prestige, and achievements, when you seek a sense of connection, a sense of being at home in this world, you are seeking to know yourself in me, to know me as the essence of yourself.

I am with you always. I was with you before the beginning of time, I have been with you since your beginning. You must not worry. When you give yourself to me in joyous devotion you discover the infinity of your true being.

Dance. Move. Enjoy the precious body that is yours to inhabit. Enjoy every cell, every particle. The substance of your body is my gift to you. When you dance, stirring and whirling the energy within your center, you are making connection with me. You will know that we are one.

Lisa Sarasohn is a yoga and bodywork therapist, author of The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your Treasure Within and the instructional Honoring Your Belly video, both available for order here at Wise Woman Bookshop.
© Lisa Sarasohn 2005

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"This warm and friendly book is filled with womb wisdom, belly laughs, gut feelings, and pelvic power. It is--as subtitled--a guide to buried treasure. I recommend it highly." --Susun Weed

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