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September 2005
Volume 5 Number 9
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http://www.tesselation.com/ Innovative Design for the Environment. Tesselation is comprised of planners, artists, engineers, and ecologists. We provide the experience and creativity needed to develop comprehensive plans and designs for habitat restoration, sustainable land use, and architecture. Tesselation provides a wide array of sustainable products and publications for living architecture, bio remediation, and site integration at any scale. Our applications include land, soil, and water restoration for natural systems as well as urban settings. Tesselation designs systems that incorporate life's biological processes into our structures and infra-structures. Water, Air and Soil - the true blue bottom line.

The Bone Art Place is a collective of some of the finest artists and crafts people from around New Zealand. Here you will find beautiful traditional and contemporary hand crafted pendants and carvings in bone, jade, pearl shell, silver and bronze with a strong Maori or Pacific feel. Pacific culture and crafts are very unique in their styling and every traditional carving has a story or meaning behind it based on Maori legends and life styles. Some are symbols of eternal love, some are good luck charms and some represent spirituality, new beginnings or a love of nature, but all speak to and of the one who wears them. Special offer for Weed Wanderings subscribers: 15% off everything on the site! Simply enter the code wise-women into the voucher number window when checking out and the discount will be applied automatically!    

http://www.cdc.gov/wisewoman/ The WISEWOMAN program is administered through CDC's Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity. The WISEWOMAN program provides low-income, under insured and uninsured women aged 40–64 years with chronic disease risk factor screening, lifestyle intervention, and referral services in an effort to prevent cardiovascular disease. CDC funds 15 WISEWOMAN projects, which operate on the local level in states and tribal organizations. Projects provide standard preventive services including blood pressure and cholesterol testing, and programs to help women develop a healthier diet, increase physical activity, and quit using tobacco.

http://www.goddess.com.au/ Feel beautiful, sassy and inspired when you reconnect with your inner goddess at www.goddess.com.au By honouring the Feminine Divine, we honour the Divine in ourselves. We empower ourselves spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically so that we may reconnect with our inner goddess. Find Goddess Things for Goddess Beings including Secure online shopping; pure essential oil blends; oracle cards and eBooks and more. Incudes Goddess Doings for Goddess Beings : Find your goddess birth sign; get inspired by Aussie Goddesses; practise hundreds of affirmations; use goddess energy in daily life - Above all, feel beautiful, sassy & inspired :-)

http://www.exploringthecauldron.com/ Exploring The Cauldron is a resource for connecting and uniting the spiritual communities of North Carolina. Our purpose includes, but is not limited to, creating a fun but educational and enlightening experience for our readers. We offer a place for people from NC to come together, find out about local events, local people, and a way to help discover themselves! Each issue includes special features, interviews, calendar events, a Kitchen Witch section and a Tarot section; additionally, you can write a proclamation about yourself for the "I AM" section! Please join Cauldron Kitty each month as she explores the cauldron to learn more about that NC spiritual community!

Artist - Lyndia Radice - I have been a classical musician, paralegal, special educator and child therapist in psychiatric, foster and residential treatment facilities. My artwork is a cherished gift from Spirit. In 2002, I worked with the women of an Amazonian indigenous community to start a kindergarten. Living in the jungle and experiencing the essence of shamanism sparked a dramatic change in my artwork -- a move away from realistic images to an evocative inner landscape peopled with fantastic creatures. In the words of Sufi poet, Hafiz, I try to be a hollow tube - to allow Spirit to move through me onto the paper.


http://www.vedicworld.org/home.html Vedic Cultural Fellowship will seek to teach and apply the sciences of natural ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation, and Vedic astrology. Our desire is to help individuals overcome physical, emotional, or spiritual problems naturally, gaining a higher outlook on life both individually and collectively.


Holistic Health Hut offers a one-stop shop for your natural needs. We have a wide and varied selection of products from supplements to cloth diapers; hemp clothing to bath and body; nursing clothes to soy candles and foods. Our selection is constantly on the grow, so come give us a look.. you'll love what you find!


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