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October 2003
Volume 3 Number 10
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What's Inside Weed Wanderings this Month...


Living Your Intuitive Dreams...
Healing and insightful wisdoms by sHEALy

A Stirring Energy

Have you noticed new and unfamiliar Universal energies coming into your life? Well, I certainly have observed and felt the presence of a cosmic energy; one that is filled with power and a mighty big push. It began in the month of September and is flowing right into the months of October and November. A force strong enough to blow the stagnant and old thoughts and actions right out of our bodies, minds and spirits and leave us with a splendid and delicious taste of freshness upon our lips is present. And this energy, the epitome of creativity, dreams and strong change, is stronger this year than it has been in quite some time. Each year, the seasons and planetary alignments bring about new energies. But this year, we are experiencing a phenomenon that has not been present for quite some time.

Those of you who have read my book, Living Your Intuitive Dreams or visited me for an intuitive reading in the town of Annapolis, MD know that I am a big believer of the necessity to blend and utilize the powers of Universal energy. And now, more than ever, your life will be enhanced when you tune into the energies available. This energy affects all of us and we are smart to pay special attention to its force. And this season especially, the cosmic energy that reflects from planets and astral bodies carries with it a magnetic force that will pull you toward transformations. This next month promises to bring changes into the lives of many. As we are all changing at every moment, we have come to learn to expect and easily compromise to change. But, the force that this month presents to us promises to bring changes that will want to make you sit up and take notice of the wonders of life.

Primarily, you might find yourself feeling over whelmed or over stressed. While very intuitive individuals will notice their thoughts racing and their energy moving in waves of peeks and valleys, others may at first simply notice a feeling of slight anxiety. At this time we might expect schedules to grow busy as our activities grow more demanding. And as we notice these first subtle changes in our daily lives, we can expect a more powerful vigor and change of energy to soon appear. A two to three week time period will emerge charged with actual electrical impulses; those we can feel in the air. And by the end of September, all of us will have experienced a zesty charge in our lives. Our busy schedules will be accompanied by a frenzy of unusual activities.

The average person will notice that each day seems to bring about new and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. This is the time of the year when you might run into that old and unexpected friend or when a new sport or physical activity makes its way into your life. With the high-spirited energy flowing onto our earthly realm we might find ourselves eager to mingle with others, talk more openly about our personal lives and thoughts, begin new projects, visit new places, eat new foods and act without thinking too much. As we attempt to adjust to the flood of buzzing energy, it is easy to find that we on occasion clash with others who like ourselves explode with adventures and eventful behaviors.

The challenge of this time period is that of balance and pacing ourselves. Easily, we could over eat, over visit and underestimate the impulses of today. We could over spend if we allow the energies of this time to direct our behavior leaving our bank books in the negative. We could trust the wrong people with the wrong personal information, creating a vulnerable situation of ourselves. And, we could find struggle in our personal and business relationships if we become too engorged with this electrically-charged energy allow ourselves to become overly busy or self centered.

Now and for the next month, we can utilize this brisk energy without overindulging. We can work to maintain a balanced attitude and physical energy body while utilizing this wonderful energy to develop a more satisfying and delicious lifestyle. We can transform our mundane lives and create lives that we feel are worth living. Using the transformation energies that are provided we can find that new job, that new love, that refreshing health. Or, we can develop a spirituality that makes the earthly planet a wonderful place to live.

As you begin to find your schedule growing more full due to events and activities out-of-your-control, know that you have the ability to choose and prioritize all activities. And, put your organizational skills to work. Make time for fun and joyous activities in your spare time. But, maintain your normal day to day activities as well. At this time, your body will not crave as much sleep as you have needed over the past few months leaving you with more time in the evenings for writing, conversation, study or any other mind provoking activities.

With a balanced schedule you will want to also pay special attention to your eating habits. Now is a good time to invite new foods into your life. And, new herbal remedies as advised by our special friend, Susun Weed. Our bodies will need extra nutrition as ascending energies approach. And, our spirit will enjoy the healing attitude that is granted as we learn to refresh and ease our thoughts and emotions through new culinary behaviors.

We will find ourselves tempted to learn more about healing modalities and the substance we put in our physical bodies. And, as we learn and practice our new philosophies we will find our life in the beginning stages of transformation. Although many of us will notice only small changes, we are all in a process of evolution. As a species, we are heading toward a more sophisticated existence.

Through challenge as well as enlightenment we are learning Universal lessons. A phenomenon of potent conversion is upon us. And, we can utilize its force within your daily lives. We can observe and employ the natural forces of our Universe and allow ourselves to be transformed.

Suggestions to help you utilize Universal energy:

1. Have an intuitive reading.
2. Eat delicious and healthy foods.
3. Exercise.
4. Take risks.
5. Keep an eye on the sky.
6. Socialize often.
7. Do what you love.
8. Rethink your spirituality.



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