Weed Wanderings Herbal Ezine with Susun Weed: Wise Woman Wisdom
October 2003
Volume 3 Number 10
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What's Inside Weed Wanderings this Month...


Wise Woman Wisdom...
She Is Black
by Sonja Geoghegan

We are in rebellion here in the United States of America.

We are slowly turning our hearts from a God that is fastened after a paternal, authoritian, benevolent tyrant of the ancient near east. We are awakening to realize there is a trap that is present when we willingly accept the intended father figure of God. To reject this idea does not define us as atheists; remember that as one door closes, yet another one opens to us! When we can no longer fully accept the sky father as God we discover a deepening experience of a renewed relationship with God at the ground of our being that does not have a beginning or ending and cannot be expressed in one singular image.

The Ancient Goddess Cailleach by Tracy Lynn PristasIn understanding that I am sacred and a grain of the universe the Christian, Jewish & Moslem approach estranges me from the root of these images. Since they are all fundamentally part of our childhoods and have a powerful affect on us until we begin to question and explore for ourselves. The discovery of our own vital images reveals themselves and these defy definition. Is this not what God asks of each one of us? To do our own exploration of the truth?

I find myself returning continually to Cailleach and acknowledging in her terrifying image that she summons and stirs within the places where my fears rest. She is the snake, the spider-woman, and a symbol of where all is devoured in death that returns us toward our beginning again. When we can get our minds out of the normal ruts of comfort we can discover her benevolence.

Yes, She is Black!
She is not a luminous being.
She is the feminine, negative principal that is life giving, ever important though devalued in our culture. She is the substance that which stands underlying, the support, and the foundation of the spaces that is completely basic to all of life. She is the forgotten face of the feminine god. Remember the blank page is necessary to write the story upon! Both are equally important.

Calliach- Dark Mother by Taryn Shrigley The Callieach is the death principal that has been swept under our cultural carpet.

Many religions invent glorious heavens and punitive hells for us to aspire toward or to invoke us to behave ourselves within their designs. When we explore blackness we can discover it is a necessary counterpart of our very being. The Tao states, "Know the white but keep the black, a good tailor cuts little."

Callieach is the womb principal, the great void, the dark standing into the presence of god who has no definable image. When we subscribe to images as manifestation of the divine this gives us something to hold fast to, to grasp at. When we let go and stop chasing after these accepted images, an amazing grace enters into our lives. One is a profound religious attitude that requires an image of total trust and letting go of all that tethers us to our life. Is this not of equal importance in the grand design of living in unity & harmony with one another?

I would love to know what this inspires within you and welcome your comments.

Email: Siofrageoghegan@yahoo.ie

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The Wise Woman Tradition encourages us to work towards good health from the inside out. And it helps us to remember that our healing choices influence not only ourselves but the entire planet.

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Having just read your article regarding the differences between the Scientific, Heroic and Wise Woman healing traditions, I suddenly understand something more about myself. I've often adhered to the thinking of the heroic tradition, blaming myself, my thoughts, feeling myself pathetic for not rising above mere physical illness. But my heart always told me something different. It is the reason why I love to nourish my family, spend time simply touching the plants in my herb garden, or breathing in the night air. Health is so much more than an absence of disease. I feel as if you've just given me permission to live as my heart tells me to. Thank you Susun. ~ Crystal



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