Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
February 2006
Volume 6 Number 2
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What's Inside Wise Woman Herbal Ezine this Month...


Childbearing & Mothering ...
Sweet and Low-
Labor and Delivery Preparation-
by Jill Diana Chasse

Sweet and Low-
Labor and Delivery Preparation-

by Jill Diana Chasse

Your mind and body are relaxed and strong, and ready for the journey through birth.

You will soon he ready to help bring your baby into the outside world.

You work as a team, together.

You and your baby are prepared and excited for this joyful event.

You feel pride, strength and happiness.

Childbirth is natural - Your body knows exactly what to do.
Your baby knows exactly what to do and is strong and ready for the birthing

Your contractions come and go like waves breaking on the shore - each one
bringing your baby further down the birth canal and closer and closer to your arms.

Your breathing is slow and even and sweet and low - sweet and low, breathe
and blow. Sweet and low, breathe and blow, as the baby lowers and descends naturally.

Art by Tamzin's GallerySweet and low, sweet and low- breathe and blow, breathe and blow.

You are doing so well, the baby is doing so well. Your jaw is loose and relaxed, releasing any tension, your hands are loose and limp and relaxed - your belly and bottom are loose and relaxed making it easy for the baby to lower down the birth passage, down and low - and sweet and low - breathe and blow,

And contractions that peak and fall come and go like waves of the ocean -
You rest deeply between contractions and the baby rests as well between one contraction to the next. You are doing so wonderfully, so naturally, so well.

You are so happy, enjoying each magical moment of this special event. Your baby feels your happiness and shares it. You are mentally relaxed and you can work with your contractions and enjoy and experience this wonderful event

When the time comes for your baby to come into the outside world,
You will be ready and prepared - All you have to do is remember the relaxation and strength you felt here and you can bring yourself to this positive and tranquil state of mind.

Repeat the words, sweet and low - sweet and low, breathe and blow, breathe and blow- over and over in your mind, and even aloud if you wish during the birthing process and you will stay relaxed and focused.

Art by Tamzin's GalleryWith this confidence and energy you have gained now, you are ready to return
to full consciousness.

In a moment I will count from 1 to 5 and you will he ready to come alert and refreshed. You will remember the calm tranquility you now feel and can simply repeat the words, sweet and low, breathe and blow, when the baby is ready to come.

Breathe and relax, and listen to the numbers as you begin to emerge.

1 - starting to emerge from this deep, relaxed state

2- becoming more alert now, more aware

3- you your mind is clear and refreshed

4- you are still calm but now more aware of your surroundings and
starting to smile and glow with the joy you’ve brought with you

5- your eyes are open and you feel refreshed, alert, and wonderful in
every way

credits- lullaby ‘Sweet and Low’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson

New Online Courses from Jill Diana Chasse
at the Wise Woman University

Perinatal Mood Issues ~
(link to detailed description of Perinatal Mood Issues )

Manage pregnancy and postpartum emotional challenges including baby blues and PPD symptoms to help reduce the risk of depression and keep yourself and your baby mentally and emotionally strong.

Prebirth Bonding ~
(link to detailed description of Prebirth Bonding )

Learn exercises and meditations to encourage communication with your baby in the womb, optimizing mental and sensory development as well as promoting the special bond between baby and parent.

Magic of Motherhood Birthing Education~
(link to detailed description of Magic of Motherhood )

A Complimentary Natural Childbirth method for use with or without medications, at home, birth center, or in a hospital with key concepts of “Experiencing, Understanding and Enjoying” your labor and delivery through emotional support, empowering yourself, and empowering your baby.

Relaxations & Visualizations for Birth ~
(link to detailed description of Relaxations & Visualizations )

Relaxations and visualizations involve hypnotherapy/ autosuggestion for relaxation, anti-stress/anti-pain, and self-esteem, as well as communication with the unborn baby and stimulating a mystical and spiritual energy level.


Baby Magic for Your Magic Baby

Baby Magic is a Spiritual Guide to Motherhood. Begining before conception, Baby Magic guides a woman on her magical journey of becoming a mother. Including relaxations, eating tips, and exercises, Baby Magic teaches a woman how to prepare for and welcome her child with a healthy and brain stimulating environment.

Paperback, 89 pages, publisher--Magic of Motherhood. $12.95 plus shipping.

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Honor your belly!! Discover your treasure with in with Lisa Sarasohn

The Woman's Belly Book:
Finding Your True Center for More Energy
by Lisa Sarasohn
Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure by Lisa SarasohnWoman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure by Lisa Sarasohn ~~ Your body's center, your belly, is home to your core life force. It's the site of your soul power, the source of your passion and creativity, your intuition and sense of purpose, your courage and confidence. The Woman's Belly Book presents inspiring information, playful activities, and power-centering exercises to kindle the life energy concentrated in your body's core. Are you ready? Honor your belly and activate your Source Energy. Enjoy!

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This fun and instructional video with Lisa Sarasohn is much more than a set of conventional stomach-crunching exercises. This dynamic sequence of belly-energizing moves draws from the wisdom of yoga and other healing arts. This 45-minute DVD video teaches you a dynamic sequence of belly-energizing yoga moves that develop and direct the Source Energy concentrated in your body's center. Price: $29.95


Conscious Conception by Jeannine Parvati BakerConscious Conception by Jeanine Parvati Baker is the comprehensive reference for fertility awareness. All natural methods of family planning, both ancient and current, are presented within the larger context of sexuality and an evolving spirituality, which embraces the religious wisdom traditions and goes beyond. Price: $25.00

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