Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
February 2006
Volume 6 Number 2
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Dare to Be...Intuitive
Transformational Teachings by Sherry Healy

Transformational Teachings
by Sherry Healy

Sherry Healy (sHEALy), a professional in body, mind and spirit integration, answers your questions concerning love, money, health, happiness or anything your heart desires.

Art by Tamzin's GalleryHi Sherry,
I am 46 years old. I am in a stable fairly happy relationship living with my boyfriend of almost four years. He treats me nice. We get along well; he is not mean or jealous or overbearing. We have a lot of the same interests but also have separate ones. We have no plans at this time to marry. He has his own business at home ( not a lot of alone time for me) . Our money is separate. I buy all the food and pay the power bill. I also do most of all the house work, laundry etc. I am not sure if I want to get married again as I have had two bad marriages. For the most part I am happy and my situation is good. I wonder at times though why I do not feel happy; Or I feel lost, scattered and generally bummed out. I cannot put my finger on the reason I feel this way. I am lucky to be where I am. (Good relationship with my boyfriend and my children, decent job, nice place to live, nice area, no real worries etc. ) I have been learning and using crystals and herbs to try and make positive changes in myself. I am wondering if there is something else I should be doing,


Dear Sylvia,
Expect more. You are a woman who has worked through difficult situations. Your past has not been an easy one. House work, laundry, paying bills and all the other tasks of life are only a small portion of that which zaps your spiritual energy leaving you feeling “bummed out”. Your spirit, while genius enough to recognize that life is good, feels unloved. And, Sylvia, it takes lots of spiritual energy to live happily when unconsciously you feel unloved. I suspect in your life there are few individuals who agree to take care of you-mind, spirit and body. How sad, Sylvia

The answer to your situation is a simple one. Stop, think and then ask for that which you truly need. Be honest. Do you “need” more time from your boyfriend? If you “need” it; expect to get it. Do you need to re-negotiate the house work, laundry and daily chores? If you “need” this; expect to get it. Do you “need” a few kind words from your children? Ask for these words. You deserve them.

Once your real needs are met, you will begin to feel more loved and cherished. Love is all you need.

You deserve it,
Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Dear Sherry,
I am a married woman and believed myself to be very committed to my husband of 7 years. A year and a half ago, I met someone who somehow got through my boundaries, under my skin and into my heart and mind. I am still struck by how willing I was to just open up and let this person in. It’s been a wild ride since then….with many tearful walks in the woods contemplating on my part. I am left wondering what this is all about, and if we, as human beings, are really able to commit ourselves to one person for our adulthood. I was unprepared and caught off guard, yes, but part of me was wide open almost immediately. Is this a good vs. evil thing…where I am forced to make a moral choice? Did the Universe bring this person to me for a specific purpose?
Help! J.B.

Art by Tamzin's GalleryDear J.B.,
I suspect when you met your new passion you needed more than what your marriage (not your partner) was providing. Too often the responsibilities of modern marriage (not ones partner) scorch the lusty fire of the soul mate relationship leaving a yearning and belief that one has fallen out of love and passion. Often, love is just hidden under the daily chores.

Still, the Universe, responds to ones belief granting choices-grow within your marriage or grow with out it. You are the attracter. You are the accepter. Only you can choose to commit to one love vs. craving others. The Universe will constantly presents new ventures for the specific purpose of allowing free choice-especially in the area of soul mates. Good and evil is not a part of this act.

While I suspect, your new soul mate is unable to be the whole package of lusty lover, stable partner and provider, you might choose to plant seeds of excitement within your present marriage. Be “wide open” to the possibilities of this act.
You can commit if you choose,

Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

Dear Sherry,
Can you tell me if angels exist and how do you know this?
Hopefully, Rima

Dear Hopefully Rima,
Angels exist. I have seen them.
Sherry Healy (sHEALy)

I have learned so much from Shealy/Sherry in these years and I thank her for taking me under her wing and teaching me how to apply this knowledge and to trust my intuition (inner guidance). ~ Sunshine

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Moon Rites
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