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February 2006
Volume 6 Number 2

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You’d like to meditate but you think you can’t. You don’t have time. You just can’t do it. Yes, you can! On this site you will find awareness meditations, practical meditations for health, energy and daily life, meditations for self-exploration and accessing intuition, monthly messages for inspiration and insight, and individualized meditation guidance via the contact page. Donna Thomson, your guide on this site, is an MSW, intuitive, and meditation teacher with three-plus decades of experience, including 15 years of Zen training. She is author of The Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively, coming from Sentient Publications, May 2006.

http://moonessences.sacredcirclescoven.com/index.php Moon Essences was originally established to sell hand crafted, organic beauty products.  We have since moved into the making and selling of kosher, organic soap products.  Including organic, teas and incenses that are made from organic wildcrafted herbs which allows our products to be of the highest quaility for all of our customers. Including in our shop we shall have available items for those who follow the path of the Ancients.  Books within our Scriptorium, as well as our jewelry, that we have listed are all Drop Shipped directly from the Publishers and or Manufacturers, unless stock is noted.


My Pregnancy Guide offers information on all aspects of pregnancy that will allow you to make informed decisions about your prenatal care and learn great tips for a happy & healthy pregnancy! Topics include, pregnancy symptoms, prenatal care, pregnancy complications, your pregnancy week by week, nutrition, labor signs, natural childbirth, breastfeeding & attachment parenting, new baby care, postpartum care, and more!  MyPregnancyGuide.com also offers a pregnancy due date calendar, birth stories, breastfeeding stories, free baby coupons, baby shower planner, free baby websites, and pregnancy announcement ecards!


http://www.mamagoddessbirthshop.com/ A delightful on-line store specializing in supplies for doulas, midwives and mothers. We carry many unique products from belly Mehndi kits, Blessingway supplies, Birth art and herbal teas for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Mama Goddess also has many items for doulas and midwives such as locally crafted pinard horns,homeopathic birth kits, massage tools, birth videos and posters and a large variety of books related to pregnancy and birth. Come and visit us and discover our informative articles section, join our mailing list to receive our newsletters. We hope to see you soon...



http://warmwoolies.org/  Warm Woolies is a non-profit organization whose volunteers knit warm clothing for poverty-stricken children who would otherwise suffer from cold. Our mission is to provide the very neediest children with wool vests, hats, mittens, and slippers. In 2006, we're knitting for children living in orphanages in Russia and Kazakhstan, and on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations. Our goal for 2006 is to knit 2,750 pieces of warm wool clothing! Warm Woolies supplies yarn, patterns, and needles to its volunteer knitters. If you’re interested in helping, please visit our website www.warmwoolies.org for more information.


http://www.seedsofbirth.com/  My passion is working with families during the most important time in their lives -- I offer Birthing from Within style prenatal classes and Birthing Again classes in the Vancouver area.  I am a Herbalist specializing in pregnancy and childbirth. My site is warm and inviting for anyone to come in and have a look.... full of photos and articles on such subjects as Blesingways, Belly Casting, Reflexology, and Herbs for pregnancy. I also have a beautiful on-line store with hundreds of products for natural families.




Sweet Herb Medicinals' website is a vehicle to the endless possibilities in utilizing the abundance our Green Nation offers. Whether it be taking a class and learning how to use, appreciate, honor, and/or respect our planet or creating medicinal prepartions, this web site hosts a wide range of herbal opportunities. From health and beauty to first aid, herbs for whole family, Sweet Herb Medicinals offer a wonderful array of healing products guaranteed to send your body, mind and spitit into botanical bliss. Each one of our products is lovingly prepared in small batches ensuring freshness and satisfaction. One may also find a list of classes and workshops taught to empower and represent the healing ways of the plants.

Womens health books
Visit www.ashtreepublishing.com/bookshop/
Offerings for women's health and spirit healing, find:
Books, DVD's, CD's, Art Cards, and more...

Celebrating 50 years in natural healing, blending science with natural health care.  We are a 501c3 tax-exempt, and non-profit natural health education and service organization, and appreciate your kind donations to help continue our work. We serve people around the world via the web site. Our main effort is to offer help to people who are unable to access natural health care. We offer traditional natural health care, books and publications, classes, vibrational medicine, counseling, distance healing, legal and forensic nursing, mediation and related services, and custom blended formulae (herbal, flower essences, aromatherapy (therapeutic and spiritual phyto-essencing).  Read more on the web site.

http://www.theblessedthistle.com/  There was a time when Mother Nature's goodly herbs were appreciated for their powers ~ the power to heal, and the power to bring out true beauty. At The Blessed Thistle Botanicals and Gifts, we have never forgotten the wisdom of Nature's way, and we are dedicated to sharing that wisdom with you. Here you will find nurturing care for your body, inspiring your personal growth and evolution. We currently focus our intentions on offering you fine herbal teas, the "world famous" Boobie Butter, and therapeutic-grade, quality essential oils. 


www.MaiaHealingArts.com Maia Healing Arts celebrates the healing nature within each of us with offerings of massage, bodywork, birth & postpartum doula care, childbirth education, healing arts education, and women's healing arts consultations. Kara Spencer, LMT, CD, CBE has a private practice in Eugene, Oregon, and offers private consultations via the phone. Maia is a greek word that means to midwife, or to bring to light what is within. Contact Kara for more information at 541-434-0474 or kara@maiahealingarts.com.


 Mandala Hoops are extraordinary hula-hoops for dance, yoga, fitness, meditation, and play.  HoopDance and HoopYoga are creative and healing movement arts that celebrate the spiraling nature of life. Mandala Hoops offer workshops, classes, demonstrations, events, performances, and custom hoops. Custom hoops are handcrafted with love and intention to inspire wellbeing and joy for adults and children. Check out our website for videos, photos, writings,
and an online order form. Call

541-434-0474 or email kara@mandalahoops.com for more information.


http://www.awarenessmag.com Welcome to Awareness MagazineThe  bimonthly magazine devoted to improving your life and the life of the planet.  Our vision is simple - to make our planet a better place in which to live. And to accomplish this, we must begin with ourselves and our communities. Knowing that change will come only through awareness, we are committed to bringing forth the most interesting and accurate information on various topics from self-esteem to alternative health treatments, from self-empowerment to saving the whales. Awareness Magazine came into being in 1993 and is currently reaching more than 180,000 concerned individuals in Southern California.


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