Weed Wanderings Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed
January 2005
Volume 5 Number 1
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Wise Woman Wisdom ...
And Then There Was Peace

by Waynonaha Two Worlds

Today just for one minute I had the gift of a vision that showed the entire world at peace.  In my heart of hearts the peace and love flowed once again, it was an old remembering from a time before time. For just a minute I saw children being fed and mothers and fathers being reunited with their sons and daughters. Sons Daughters, Mothers and Fathers returned to their loved ones and every heart was filled with peace. In that one glimpse into time the sky was clear and not polluted, water ran sweet and clean,  fish returned to feed the people. Medicine plants filled the earth and no one was denied the healing from them.

We were all one color under the big blue bowl of the sky. Peace had changed our hearts and minds so that our eyes did not see difference; but only saw the beauty of the spirit.

Anger, hatred, and lies were sent back to the place of darkness to be bathed in the pure light of truth. From the waters of a new beginning we were all washed and our minds were free of judgment. Dignities, and integrity, were restored to each and every living thing. The ways of honor and wisdom flowed in all that we stood for on this Earth and in the sky world.

Places of Peace and Power --  Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray -- Swayambhunath Stupa Kathmandu NepalWeapons of war were gathered, melted, and pounded once again into plough shears. No one was paid not to grow corn and we all understood universal peace. The seeds of peace were placed into the Earth Mother and she in return fed the people beauty and wisdom. Our hearts minds and souls were once again in tuned; we could hear our brothers and sisters hearts.

In my vision I saw the streets full of people unafraid to walk in the cities. There were no homeless people no sellers of the flesh and soul walking the street corners. Young people were not addicted to drugs or infected with horrible diseases.

Babies were not born to only die from addictions that they had never known. There was abundance everywhere as people sat down to celebrate the miracle of this moment. The story of a peace walker was once again spoken. The remembering of the one who came and spoke the way to live in peace filled the empty space of time.  

The Great Laws of Peace that are the foundation for this Turtle Island were spoken in every language of the world and sent out into the multi verse. The teachings of our elders were understood in every heart and lived in our spirits and souls.

For just one minute I saw the clouds of time pass and the Earth Mother smiled with her heart light and happy as when she was young. We all danced in the hoop of life hand in hand, brothers and sisters, as one with all things.  

May the peace be in your heart as you celebrate this time in all the true meaning it was given. In this tiny window of time may we walk together in love, truth, and peace for the seven generations to come.  
It is a beginning in the midst of confusion, fear, and uncertain times let us all enter the sacred hoop for one minute.   

Hold all your loved ones in your heart; gather the precious gift of family around you, and love each other, for that is the true meaning of Christmas. For just one minute clear your mind of the outside world and see through the eyes of a child. Vision in your heart and mind the beauty and love that we were given to share by our  Creator.  

Love and Blessing to all my friends thank you for being you. I hold each of you in my heart for you are my gift from Creator.

Sending you blessings of peace and love.Waynonaha

For all who have taken the time this year to help gather the clothing and toys for our children thank you. May this gratitude flow  a million times from my heart to yours. Love, Waynonaha

Copyright © 2005 by Waynonaha Two Worlds All publication rights reserved.

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