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May 2006
Volume 6 Number 5

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Medicine Wheel of 2006
by Spider

Medicine Wheel of 2006
by Taino Ti ( Spider)

Most of us are happy to see the passing of 2005, the Year of Relearning, and we are ready to move on to new energy. Personal and global lessons were really difficult this year as we struggled to learn ways to survive in this new world. There is no denying that the energy has shifted and the survival of the human species depends on our ability to recognize all others as brothers and sisters, part of one Earth family. We have been given opportunities this year to reconnect as family with those in need all over the globe. Catastrophic events have touched the lives of every person in every nation. Have we used these opportunities to lay down a foundation of brotherhood and sharing that can be expanded in future years?

The Medicine Wheel of Completion the Art of Alishia Christianof the Earth Changes is a great wheel including the years from 1987 to 2012. The year 2000 is the Vortex at the center of the Medicine Wheel and as the Vortex center is characterized by chaos as it whirls energy around to create changes. The years from 1987 to 1999 lead up to the Vortex and the years from 2001 to 2012 lead away from the center into the future. These years create rings around the Vortex center year of 2000, like the ripples that occur on a pond when you throw in a stone. Two years share the same circle and the same energy in this process of evolution. For example, the first ring outside of the Vortex center year 2000 is the years 1999 and 2001, the next circle has the years 1998 and 2002, the next circle 1997 and 2003 and so on.

The year 2006 sits on the same ring as the year 1994. The energy here is one of spiritual growth and expansion. Can you remember what you were doing in 1994? Many people were searching for spiritual connections, attending workshops and seminars and trying new ideas. As a species, Two-Leggeds were looking to grow into a new self image. We realized that we are a part of a grand web that connects all life and that we are all dependant on each other for survival. Even scientists explored these questions and made new theories. Individually, we sought to make a spiritual connection with the Universal rhythm that we felt inside.

Back in 1994, this was a personal journey. Now that we are coming out the other side of the Vortex, we will see this same energy of spiritual seeking and growth, only this time we have the knowledge to apply it to our lives to create new ways to live with each other in community and new ways to take care of our planet. I trust that our spiritual and political leaders will be able to use the energy of this year to create some changes that will make the world a place of peace among nations and our way of living in harmony with MotherEarth and All Our Relations that share this planet.

On the Medicine Wheel of Completion of Earth Changes, 2006 is the year of Recreating. This year brings in the energy to create new thoughts that will in turn create a new way of living. Our reality is first envisioned in our minds as thoughts. Anything from conscious choices such as "I think I'll bake a cake" to more subtle reflections such as a veiled feeling of dislike for something or a fear are the seeds that can bring those thoughts into being. We must recognize the connection between our thoughts and the world that we live in and take responsibility for those thoughts we share. It is time to work with conscious thinking and envision a world of health, happiness and peace among all creatures. In 2006 our job is to Recreate Thought Patterns of Harmony.

In our ceremonies, we honor our good feelings, our good thoughts, our good words, our good actions and our good relationships. This honoring reminds us that the gift we have to share with others is the good energy that we have for them. Everything that we think and do is an example for others around us, weather or not we realize. Good thoughts create good feelings which manifest inner peace and health. Good thoughts and good feelings speak good words which creates a circle of love. Full potential can be realized for all. Our good thoughts and good words chose good actions that benefit others through kindness. When we think good thoughts, have good feelings, say good words and chose good actions, we create good relationships with others. The Web of Life is in harmony. This is part of our job as caretakers of MotherEarth.

However, we have lived in the Fourth World and learned to separate ourselves from others so sometimes we have a difficult time keeping our thoughts and feelings good. Thinking or saying bad things about others just passes along bad energy that can harm both ourselves and others. This energy creates hard feelings and more bad energy until a circle is created that holds both people in a place of limitation. Neither can reach their potential. It's best to say nothing than to pass along harmful words. It's best to recognize when our thoughts are harmful and then chose to change them into more positive thoughts. If you can't make a positive thought about someone or something, just simply envision them surrounded by the rainbow of peace. Whatever it was that created the disharmony will dissipate and you can both move on with good energy.

The year 2006 brings us into the direction of the North on the Medicine Wheel of the Completion of Earth Changes. After three years of walking in the direction of the South (2000-2002) and three years of walking in the direction of the West (2003-2005) we arrive at the place where we can utilize our inner wisdom to create role models for living and surviving in the new world. All of the answers to all of the questions are available to us now. All we have to do is ask.

There are four words that sit in the Four Directions on the Medicine Wheel of 2006 and they are our guiding message for this year---Trust, Inner Guides, Faith, Doorway. In the direction of the South is the word Trust and it is an especially big message for us because that is the place where Trust traditionally sits on the Medicine Wheel. The South is where we begin our ceremonies. This direction teaches us to keep an open mind free of prejudice and pre-conceptions. We are in a new world, adjusting to a new vibration. We must enter without expectation and trust that all we need will be here for us when the time is right. We must trust our inner voice and follow that guidance. MotherEarth and the Spirits are waiting to speak and we will learn many things if we listen. In every situation, we will have a comfortable feeling inside if our choices are correct. Trust that feeling. As we learn to trust, many things will manifest. We may not be where we set out to go but we will always be where we are supposed to be.

Inner Guides is the word in the direction of the West. This is another powerful message because the West is the place of the Spirit World and our Guardian Spirit. The teaching of the West is to spend time looking and listening within to find Spirit Guidance.the Art of Alishia Christian We each have a Guardian Spirit that walks with us throughout our entire lifetime, guiding, directing and protecting us every moment of every day. There is never a situation that is too difficult for us to handle because our Guardian Spirit is always there to help. If you do not know the voice of your Guardian Spirit, sit quietly, burn some sage, honor your Guardian Spirit and ask. Speak from your heart. Spirit voice is different than our language so it may take awhile to hear the message but keep asking, be patient and you will learn. Your Guardian Spirit will bring the answers to all of our questions and help you make the right choices.

The teaching of the North is that wisdom and healing are found through our experiences of everyday living. In this direction, the word Faith tells us to believe in ourselves. We each made a promise before we came into the Earthwalk and this promise influences what we have chosen to do with our time and energy while we are here. By now, we should have a good idea of who we are and why we are here. Each of us has chosen to be here at this time to assist in the evolution of the Earth. Most of us are here to create new ways of living in harmony, healing, communicating, using natural resources and creative manifestation. Have Faith in your abilities, follow your dreams and do the job you came to do on this planet. This is the year to go for it.

Finally in the direction of the East, we have the word Doorway. It is interesting to see this word here as I have thought a lot about the Golden Doorway this fall when I drove down our tree lined road under the yellow canopy of leaves that seemed to stay on the trees for such a long time in the mild, dry weather this year. Grandmother Twylah has said that we will go through the Golden Doorway to enter the new world. Walking through the Doorway will take us to a new way of living. In the place of illumination and creativity of the East, the Doorway will open allowing us to stand in the full light of the Sun and realize many things that we had not yet dreamed. We will become the people we envision ourselves to be. The future is already here.

Trust, Inner Guides, Faith, Doorway. The year 2006 is defiantly calling us to go within for guidance and then let that guidance influence our choices. We are being called upon to create a new world through our thoughts, words, actions and relationships. Many opportunities will appear this year for those that are ready to move through the Doorway. My wish is that enough people on this Earth will now envision relationships of peace, harmony and Earth stewardship so that we can Recreate the paradise that our world was originally envisioned to be in the dream of creation of the Great Mystery. Taino Ti, Spider

Have a great 2006!

by Spider
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