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Green Witch

Find the Green Witch in you!

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Green Witch This correspondence course is designed to draw out and empower your own healing and magical abilities. Your personal development will expand swiftly and deeply during our time together. This course is designed primarily for personal growth, nonetheless, serious students of herbal/alternative/ energy medicine will find it highly beneficial. Includes 26 projects, books, audios, talk time, gifts, and more. Total cost $450

Herbal Medicine Workshops - take a virtual tour, detailed descriptions below

Herbs for Women workshop with SusunWeed
Herbal Medicine Chest workshop with Susun Weed
Talking with Plants workshop with Susun Weed
Hands on Herbal Medicine with Susun Weed
Spring Tonics workshop with Susun Weed

Be Your Own Herbal Expert - Eight Part Series with Susun Weed

Learning About Herbs - Part One
Herbal Infusion - Part Two
Nourishing Herbs - Part Three
Herbal Medicine Tinctures - Part Four
How to Make Herbal Vinegars - Part Five
Medicinal Herbal Oils - Part Six
Three Traditions of Healing - Part Seven
Herbal Honey, Syrups, Cough Drops - Part Eight

Interviews with Susun Weed - Green Witch, Wise Woman, Herbalist

Lady Liberty interview with Michelle Spiral Dancer
Building Immunity Naturally Interview with Maralyn Lois Polak
Wise Woman & Herbalist Susun Weed interview with Obsidian
Green Witch Interview by Roxanne Poole

Herbal Medicine and Healing Articles by Susun Weed

Amazing Artemisias by Susun Weed
Ten Steps for Avoiding the Flu by Susun Weed
Nourishing the Liver the Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed
The Shamanic Herbalist: Power Plants by Susun Weed
This is Menopause -- Journey into Change by Susun Weed
You Can Have a Green Ally! by Susun Weed
What's New in Breast Health by Susun Weed
The Spirit of Simples by Susun Weed
Seven Medicines by Susun Weed
Archive of 60+ Articles by Susun Weed

Online Courses with Susun Weed

* Four New Online Courses Open for Enrollment!
  Nourishing Herbal Infusions: Drink Your Way to Health - Protect your family simply and safely the Wise Woman Way with natural health remedies that are inexpensive and easy to make.
  A Cancer Diagnosis? Help Yourself the Wise Woman Way - Safe simple ways to help you survive and thrive after a Cancer diagnosis.
  Happy Knees - This is a course for those with sore, cranky knees and other joints.
  Adaptogens: Herbs for Energy, Longevity, and Optimum Health - Feeling stressed? Need more energy? 60 easy video lessons on the benefits of embracing Adaptogenic foods and herbs.

Additional online courses at Wise Woman University include:
~ Your Healthy Cervix and Vagina
~ Menopausal Allies
~ Herbal First Aid: The Wise Woman Way

More Websites for you to visit:

Personal Mentorship
Menopause Metamorphosis
Breast Health - Cancer Prevention
Wise Woman Health Questions Answered
Ash Tree Publishing Books for Women

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