Wise Woman Ezine with herbalist Susun Weed
May 2010
Volume 10 Number 5
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Empower Yourself...
An Invitation to Arrive

by Astrid Grove

An Invitation to Arrive
by Astrid Grove
mentor at the Wise Woman University

One of my greatest passions is to arrive fully present in each moment and support others to do the same. I trust my inner knowing that this is each of our birthright. the art of Biljana Banchotova The lessons that show up in my life continue to reveal this truth to me. And so it is.

When I woke up this morning, I knew in the deepest part of my being that today is a day that is potent, ripe, and full of potential. I am sitting here at my kitchen table as I write this, and I know that I am living this moment fully. With this knowing I feel complete. Arising within me are sensations and feelings, moving through me like ocean waves, waves of energy, and I breathe. I feel scared about feeling so present without any distraction…ah!!! What can I do to distract myself.??? Breathing, I sink deeper into myself and from underneath the fear arises a deep joy and laughter. As I surrender to the fear, I uncover the delicious nugget of beauty within. With this breath I arrive into my body, into this moment, into my center.

As I write this it seems esoteric, yet within myself it is incredibly embodied. I am alive! I breathe! I feel. I am on this blessed earth to fully live this life. Now, let’s go on a journey together. What position is your body in? How does it feel to be in this position? Are you comfortable, easeful, does your body feel good? If not, do you want to change your position? If you decide to change your position, how does it feel to be in this new position? If you decide not to change your position, what is arising in you as you stay in your current position?

What do we do with all this moment-to-moment information? I notice that it can begin to feel overwhelming to constantly be checking in with myself in this deep way. So I remember to breathe. I return to the breath that is always there, the sacred inhalation and exhalation. Inhaling deeply this life giving oxygen rich breath, giving thanks to the plant beings that offer us this oxygen, and exhaling…letting go, releasing. As Susun Weed says, breathing is a give-away dance with the plants. Then we begin again, this moment anew.

Let’s fully feel what it feels like to feel!!! HA! Now that sounds like a good time, or perhaps intense with the potential of a good time. Now, let’s fully feel in a group of women where we can feel safe to be vulnerable and held in love and trust. Mmmmm….aaaahhhhh… deep exhalation is leaving my body, and a big smile that begins deep down in my belly because of what I know women. What I know is that this circle has arisen.

Women around the globe are hearing this call. We are hearing the call to gather together as we support ourselves and each other in healing our ancestral line . It is by healing our ancestral line that we can really truly arrive in our own bodies in this present moment. It is time to fully give ourselves this gift, and our ancestors this gift, and our children this gift …of arriving fully. We are being called women. We are being called to complete what our ancestors did not. What will it take for each of us to fully arrive? What is preventing us from fully arriving? What stories, bodily sensations, fears, cellular memories etc. are pulling our energy out of the here and now?

I am ready to do this work. I am doing this work. I am ready to feel fully these feelings---my own and my mother’s ,and her mother’s and her mother’s…and to release them and to pray. Are you? Let’s do it, each of us doing our work together. Let’s gather together to heal ourselves and each other. The circle is calling.It is time.


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About the Mentor:  Astrid Grove
Astrid Grove LM, CPM is a homebirth midwife, wise woman herbalist, and certified practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage.  Her life’s passion is to create sacred space for healing to occur in on-on-one sessions and also with groups.  She travels extensively around the world sharing the teachings of the Wise Woman Way.   She currently resides in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.


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Dear Susun,
How are you? Hope all is well.
I miss the Nettle Patch very much. I hope I will have a chance to visit
Woodstock again this April.




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