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~ Natural Health, Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way ~

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4000+ Pages of Complementary Integrative Health Resources for Women & Men

Susun Weed, herbalist and author of women's health books, invites you to rediscover the Wise Woman Tradition, herbal medicine healing, and how to make home remedies.
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A Healthy Heart, the Wise Woman Way
New Online Course with Susun Weed! Join Susun for her new informative three unit course on Heart Health. 24 weeks of study with Susun for only 12.29 cents per week.

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Sexual Healing - Treating What Ails You "Down There" - Listen to Susun's interview at SIS Radio

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Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way

Herbal Healing and Women's Health CD lectures by Susun Weed - learn in your own home!


Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Herbalism

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The Doctor of the Future - Uncensored Natural Health Blog with Dr. Carolyn Dean

Elements of Herbalism: Harvesting - Review by Jan Calloway Baxter

Magical Plants What do Toads and Ibuprofen have in common?- Review by Jan Calloway Baxter

Listen to Susun Weed's radio interview archived online - "Being a Woman Matters" on Blogtalk radio

Making Springtime Wild Herbal Vinegars

Comfrey - essential part of the traditional herbal medicine chest

Learn How to Make Nourishing Herbal Infusions

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We Are the Weed - Article on Wildcrafting with NY State Herbalists - Chronogram Magazine

Plants, Seeds, More!

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"It's Time"
Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration CD
18 Wise Woman songs and chants

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to hear All the songs, read lyrics, learn about the artists.


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Susun Weed - green witch - herbal expert

Dear Susun, I began your Green Witch homestudy course just before entering the darkest, most terrifying time of my life. Honoring that place for the next few years--and giving myself over to it completely-- I set my life aside, Green Witch with it. Now, having made it through the Darkness...and grateful for the lessons...I find myself armed and strengthened. I am a Warrioress once again; but now I am a Warrioress forged by experience and the wisdom that comes from battle. Green Blessings to you, Teri A.

Nourishing Herbal Infusion: beat fatigue and restore vitality now!

My time with Susun surpassed all expectations, hopes and wishes! My apprenticeship has changed my life...I can feel it. It will be interesting to see how these changes influence my life outside of the Wise Woman Centre...and how these changes continue to evolve within myself. One (of the many) gifts that Susun gave me was the know-how to not give up on myself...and from this I have realized the life long quest that this Shamanic Apprenticeship has evoked. Love and Blessings ~ Melissa

Love Letters....

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~ Explore the Wise Woman Web with Susun Weed ~

Susun Weed, founder of The Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, New York and prolific author of women's health books, is the voice of the Wise Woman tradition. Her goal is to help women rediscover these ancient Wise Woman ways, passed down through countless generations.

The Wise Woman Tradition empowers you to use your innate wisdom when gathering information and making informed decisions about your health care options. Natural healing and healthy living is simple, safe, and fun! Improve your health and personal well being as you begin to use complementary medicine confidently and effectively.

The Wise Woman Web carries this tradition of natural healing into the twenty-first century by offering ancient wisdom and modern information you can use right now to heal yourself and your loved ones. While at Susun Weed's Wise Woman Web you will:

Discover Women's Health Resources - Learn about herbal medicine and spirit healing with Wise Woman publications available on this site. Includes a free monthly e-zine/newsletter, self-help health articles, helpful alternative medicine book excerpts and reviews from the womens health press, Ash Tree Publishing. Susun Weed's herbal medicine books will help you learn how to increase fertility, enjoy a natural pregnancy, ease menopause metamorphosis and lessen menopausal symptoms, restore energy and vitality to your life, promote breast health and prevent breast cancer, remedy menstrual cramps, eat foods that will build better bones and help you avoid osteoporosis, plus much more. The Wise Woman Herbal Series is for every woman (and for all women-loving men too).

Join Gatherings at The Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY - Nourish yourself at the Wise Woman Center this year! Check out the annual events calendar for more about Women's Sacred Moon Lodges, Green Witch and Spirit Healing Intensives, hands-on herbal medicine workshops with Susun Weed , and special-guest wise woman workshops.

Deepen Your Learning with Susun Weed - For the serious applicant devoted to healing and transformation there are live-in or live-out apprenticeships. Study with Susun Weed in your own hometown; see Susun's nation-wide appearances and publicity and travel schedule. If you prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home, choose from three herbal medicine and spirit healing Correspondence courses; learn how to prevent, identify, and remedy chronic health symptoms and conditions with complimentary and alternative medicine. The process is simple and safe. Susun also hosts a web-radio show!

Improve your health today--learn how via these special pages - Visit the Wise Woman Bazaar, explore the Free Online Health Education page, and try sample herbal medicine correspondence courses compliments of Susun Weed's Wise Woman Web. Topics include herbal medicine, spirit healing, and wise woman wit and wisdom. Green Blessings!

We invite you to visit our other sites in the Wise Woman Web:
- Information you can trust, books you'll treasure - Your body knows more about it than your doctor does! - learn how to promote breast health and prevent cancer.

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Study via correspondence course with Susun Weed. If you have been considering a course now is the time to start, register with just $50 (with payment. plan).... Choose from three courses; Green Witch, Green Allies, or Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition. Click here to learn more about these courses and about Susun Weed, Wise Woman herbalist and women's health expert.

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Mission Statement

The Wise Woman Center exists to reweave the healing cloak of the ancients. It is safe space for women who wish to explore their power and gain control over their own health.

This web site gives you information and resources that can lead you out of virtual reality and into the woods, where the devas, fairies, and Susun await you.
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PHOTO of: Susun Weed and her Daughter/Webweaver Justine Smythe


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About this Web Site

While surfing the Wise Woman Web you will find......

Herbal medicine resources and publications for women's health: learn how to increase fertility, ease menopausal distresses, restore energy and vitality, prevent breast cancer, remedy PMS, PMDD, menstrual cramps, and lots more. Learn via Susun Weed's books, correspondence courses, apprenticeships, articles, and Weed Wanderings herbal ezine and Wise Woman bazaar.
Ways to join gatherings at the Wise Woman Center focused on women's spirituality, including women's sacred moon lodges, healing intensives, workshop offerings, Susun Weed's bio and calendar of classes and schedule of worldwide appearances!
In person and distance learning opportunities for those interested in complimentary medicine, herbal medicine, and plant spirit medicine. Alternative medicine can help you with everyday annoyances and chronic problems like headaches, allergies, asthma, and arthritis in addition to preventing and curing serious illness. Use herbs simply and safely the Wise Woman Way with Susun Weed today!

We invite you to visit our other sites in the Wise Woman Web:
Herbal medicine information you can trust, women's health books you'll treasure Your body knows more about menopause than your doctor does! learn how to promote breast health and prevent or cure breast cancer.


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